Taxpayers affected by TurboTax error can file amended state return

Salem, OR— Approximately 12,000 Oregon taxpayers who used TurboTax to prepare their 2023 federal and state tax returns may be able to reduce their tax owed or increase their refund by amending their state return.

Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, said the software program might not have selected the best deduction option (standard vs itemized) for some taxpayers, resulting in a possible overpayment to the state.

Intuit has contacted the affected taxpayers and provided instructions for filing an amended return at no charge.

Taxpayers will need to complete the amended return in TurboTax, print it out, and then choose one of the three options below to file their return.

  • Mail their return to the Oregon Department of Revenue at P.O. Box 14700, Salem, OR, 97309-0930.
  • Bring their printed amended return to one of the Department of Revenue offices. (Drop boxes are available to accept documents after regular business hours at the department’s offices, located in Salem, Bend, Eugene, Medford, and Portland.)
  • Enter the information from the printed return into Direct File Oregon to electronically file their amended return free of charge.


Directions for using Direct File Oregon to file an amended state return are available on the Department of Revenue website.

Some amended returns can take up to six months to process if they require manual review due to errors or missing information. Taxpayers should make sure they follow these important steps that will allow more timely processing of their amended return.

  • Make sure the printed return they file is complete, including the federal form and all schedules (like Schedule OR-A).
  • Make sure they have checked the “Amended Return” box on the first page.
  • Use their current address, if it is different from the address they used when filing their original return.
  • Provide their direct deposit information for their refund, otherwise the department will mail a paper check.
  • Sign their amended return.


Affected taxpayers have three years from the date their return was originally filed or from the due date of the return, whichever was later, to file an amended return.

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