Klamath County Election Run Down

In case you haven’t heard, we have an election happening for Sheriff in Klamath County this Spring.

The deadline to file is March 12th  and the primary is in May. Rules state that whoever gets 50 percent plus one in the May primary will go on to become sheriff in November, but if none of the candidates meet the threshold in May, the top two vote-getters will go forward in a runoff in the November Election.

And with five candidates running for sheriff, it should be a nail-biter of an election in May. KAGO has been interviewing the Candidates for Sheriff and we have posted interviews with Daren Krag, and Mike Sheppard and just posted our most recent interview with Ryan Kaber this morning.

Dave Henslee has withdrawn from the Commissioner’s race leaving Dan Girard unopposed as of today and Sally Palcovich is running against Derick DeGroot in a race that is just now heating up.

And as of today, the only race that looks to be a slam dunk is the county surveyor race where Sherryl Hatcher is running unopposed and by law could win in the primary if she remains unchallenged as of March 12th.  

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