Klamath Homeless Population Drops In 2024 Count

Klamath County, ORE — Organizations across Oregon have recently conducted the annual “Point-In-Time” count in an effort to address homelessness with a data-driven approach.

This initiative, carried out by each county in the state and across the nation, aims to provide a snapshot of the number of homeless people, gathering essential data that will help improve support and services effectively. And there’s good news.

The count which took place which took place on or about Jan 24th counted a total of 107 individuals in Klamath County who either were living in shelters such as RVs or were observed or admitted to living without shelter, as in on the street.

In 2015 the count came in at 252 and in 2017 it was down to 192 according to the Healthy Klamath’s website.

And that count is still being tabulated and may not fully capture the entire homeless population, as not everyone is willing or able to be counted but early indications are the winter-time homeless population of Klamath County is looking better.

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