And End To Daylight Savings Could Be Happening in Oregon

Portland, ORE– An Oregon state senator  Kim Thatcher, of Keizer, thinks she can do better than Congress with her bill to adopt Pacific Standard Time for 12 months of the year, putting an end to daylight savings time.

The proposal is part of a multi-state effort shifting away from daylight saving time to instead make Pacific Standard Time permanent.

Washington, Idaho, and California have introduced similar concepts this year.

And moving to Pacific Standard Time does not need the approval of Congress, said Thatcher who has bipartisan support for the effort.

The area in eastern Oregon that is in the Mountain Time Zone would continue to switch from daylight savings to standard time.

Bill Griesar, a professor at Portland State, said exposure to light profoundly impacts people’s ability to sleep well and Permanent standard time is best aligned with the natural circadian rhythms of our own brains and bodies.

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