Traffic Light Debacle To Be Resolved Tonight

Citing Reactions from the public as heavily skewed to the negative, The Klamath Falls City Council meets this evening in what is expected to be the final resolution for the traffic light debacle that plagued the summer. One survey suggested that as many as 90 percent of the city was against a plan to remove the traffic lights and install stop signs in an effort to save money and reduce accidents in the downtown area. The City received a grant from the State DOT to do a simulated study of what the downtown area would be like without traffic lights this summer and area businesses and residents complained vociferously that the study caused mayhem for pedestrians and profit losses for businesses like the Daily Bagey and the The Cranberry Station Soap Company. Click here to view the public feedback about the lights and here is the agenda for tonight’s meeting at 7 Pm at Klamath City Council Chambers at 500 Klamath Ave. 

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