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Missing Pitbull

A ridgeback pitbull (see picture) was stolen on Sunday April 12th.

The dog is a 2 year old male with a pink harness had a pink harness and chain. He has a mowhawk down the middle of his back.

If found, please call 541-238-4615

Lost American Pit Bull Terrier

An American Pit Bull Terrier (see photo) was last seen on April 7th near the Worden Truck Stop off Highway 97.

If found, please call 541-274-0802

Found Blue Heeler

On the night of April 6th, a female Blue Heeler (see photo) was found last night on Anderson Road off Highway 39.  

The dog has a wounded right foot.  If missing, please call 541-798-5601

Missing English Setters

A pair of English Setters (see photo), one male and one female, have been missing since April 3rd. 

Both dogs have red collars with phone numbers marked on them. 

If found, please call  please call 541-891-2301 

Found Hound

A reddish-brown/white hound, likely of the Brittany breed (see photo) was recently found in Sprague River. 

If missing, please call 541 210 4989

Missing Black Lab

Max, a black lab (see photo) is missing. He was last seen in the Austin Street neighborhood in Altamont. He wears a black collar.

If found, please call 541-891-0937

Found Cat

An orange male cat (see photo) was found near the Klamath County Fairgrounds area.

The cat is very shy, and afraid of other cats.

If found, please call 541-880-8696 

Lost Chihuahua

A small tri-colored Chihuahua (see photo) was last seen on Frontage road near Highway 97 in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-892-8466

Found dog

A medium-sized brown dog was recently found west of Dairy.

If missing, please call 541-545-6517

Missing Black Labs

A male & female pair of black labs last seen in Merrill are currently missing.

One dog is collared with a name and phone number. The other dog is not collared.

If found, please call 541-281-9519.