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Lost Chihuahua

Bolt (see photo), a small chihuahua escaped from his home on Vine Avenue in the Mills Addition of Klamath Falls. He was wearing a blue harness.

If found, please call 541-851-1604

Found Beagle

A tri-colored male beagle was recently found on Altamont Drive in Klamath Falls. If missing, please call 541-892-5863

Lost Heeler Mix

A female heeler mix was last seen on June 9th in the Wocus area near A.M.A Gas in Klamath Falls.

The dog is frightened of thunder.

If found, please call 541-891-7115.

Missing Terrier Mix

Trooper, a reddish-brown terrier/mix with a green collar was last seen in the Running Y neighborhood on the morning of June 9th.

The dog weighs approximately fifty pounds. 

If found, please call 541-882-3198

Found Black Lab

A 100-120 pound black lab was found around Joe Wright Road near Tingley in southern Klamath Falls. 

The dog appears to be 7-10 years old. 

If missing, please call 541-891-6106.

Missing Cat

A black kitten with a white chest and white paws is currently missing from his home neighborhood on Summers & Bristol in Klamath Falls.

The kitten is less than a year old, male, and medium-sized in hair & length. He is not wearing a collar or tag. 

If found, please call 541-810-3961

Missing Dachsunds

A pair of Dachsund siblings recently went missing in the Oregon Shores neighborhood of Chiloquin.

One dog has a black collar, while the other dog has a blue collar. They both have reddish fur. 

There is a finder’s reward for safe return. If found, please call 541-880-6207.

Missing Malamute

A black/white Alaskan Malamute is currently missing. The dog is male, with blue & brown eyes, and he wears a blue collar with contact information.

If found, please call 541-892-1279.

Found Cat

A long haired cat was recently found on Nile Street, just off South Sixth Street in Klamath Falls.

The cat features grey stripes and a white end on the tail, as well as very blue eyes. The cat is declawed.

If missing, please call 541-880-8733

Missing Husky Mix

Mishka, a collared & tagged Husky mix was last seen yesterday in her home in Chiloquin. Mishka’s home neighborhood is 3rd Avenue, between the two schools.

She is part akita and part timber nordic. Mishka is approximately sixty pounds in weight, and two and a half feet tall in height.

The dog’s owner asks that finders please contact immediately, because the dog suffers from a dental condition that could be fatal.

If found, please call 541-301-7787.