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Found Pit Bull Mix

A male Pit Bull mix was found on Bliss Road near Sprague River. The dog had roamed the highway with a black terrier for around a week, before being brought to safety.

The dog has two collars – a green collar and a red collar.

If missing, please call 541-238-4826.

Missing Shih Tzu

Mazelle, a missing female Shih Tzu was last seen on Wednesday September 9th heading towards Klamath Park in the Mills Addition of Klamath Falls.

The dog is collared, tagged, and chipped (#105072547) and the owners are concerned that she has been stolen. 

If found, please call the number on her collar tag. 

Missing Whippet

Luna (see photo), is currently missing. She was last seen in the South Suburbs neighborhood of Klamath Falls, near Albertson’s.

She is a three year old whippet.

Missing Chihuahua

Teeko, a deerhead chihuahua (see photo) is currently missing. He has a black & tan coat with a white stripe. He is not collared.

If found, please reach out to the owner on Facebook.

Missing Chweenie

Oliver, a male Chweenie, has been gone from the Mills Addition for just over a week.

The dog has a brown coat, with tips of black hair. He was not wearing a collar.

If found, please call 541-810-8944.

Lost Bulldog/Boxer Mix

Petey (see photo), a male bulldog/boxer mix was last seen in the Lindley Way neighborhood of Klamath Falls around 8:30 PM on July 8th.

If found, please call 541-591-2278 

Found German Shepherd

A German Shepherd was recently found near Applegate Trail Apartments on Bristol in Klamath Falls. The dog appears to be well-groomed and wears a chain.

If missing, please call 541-880-6421

Lost Chihuahua

Bolt (see photo), a small chihuahua escaped from his home on Vine Avenue in the Mills Addition of Klamath Falls. He was wearing a blue harness.

If found, please call 541-851-1604

Found Beagle

A tri-colored male beagle was recently found on Altamont Drive in Klamath Falls. If missing, please call 541-892-5863

Lost Heeler Mix

A female heeler mix was last seen on June 9th in the Wocus area near A.M.A Gas in Klamath Falls.

The dog is frightened of thunder.

If found, please call 541-891-7115.