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Missing Pit Bull

An adult female pit bull went missing this morning from the Hope Street Trailer Park on Shasta Way in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-331-6213.

Found Doberman Pinscher

An adult female Doberman Pinscher was recently found on Highway 66 running past Collins Point.

If missing, please call 650-271-2046

Found Tabby Cat

A female tabby cat is taking shelter under a house deck on Schiesel avenue, off Madison on the south side of Klamath Falls.

The cat is a dark tabby with a blue collar and bell. Additionally, there is a rabies tag on the cat. She has stayed under this deck during the winter.

If missing, please call 541-884-3587.

Missing Chihuahua

Lily, a female chihuahua has gone missing near The Keno Store. Her ears don’t stand straight up, and she has missing teeth. Her body is tan.

If found, please call 541-884-4980

Missing Border Collie

Dora, a female border collie (see photo) went missing on December 8th in Tulelake and has been spotted in the area several times since.

The dog slipped her collar. If found, please call 925-297-5309. There is a reward for her safe return.

Missing Dog

Stryder, an adult male border collie & german shepherd mix (see photo) went missing on February 7th.

The dog’s home neighborhood is in Keno, off Green Wing Loop. 

If found, please call 530-635-8144. There is a reward for his safe return.

Missing Pit Bull/Boxer Mixes

A male & female pair of pit bull/boxer mixes went missing this morning on Shasta Way near the KOA site.

If found, please call 541-220-6984

Missing Pomeranian

Domino, a male Toy Pomeranian went missing yesterday from his home neighborhood on Delta Street near Conger School.

He is black & white, with a collar and name tag. He is four years old.

If found, please call the number on the name tag, 541-810-3426.

Lost Cat

A neutered male cat with dark grey/Russian blue short hair recently went missing from the neighborhood of Damont Street & Pacific Terrace in Klamath Falls.

The cat is fourteen years old, collarless, and answers to Malachi. If found, please call 541-891-4535.

Missing Pit Bull Mix

A white/black mix breed male dog (that looks like a pit bull) recently went missing from Logan Drive in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-281-7311.