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Lost- Alaskan Malamute and Chocolate Lab

Lost Alaskan Malamute and Chocolate Lab near Boardman and Wiard on Thursday night. 541-205-6826

Lost Black Lab

Very sweet black lab named Rebel. He has a blue collar and is microchipped. He is missed dearly and we would like him home. Last seem on Reeder road behind Henley. Please call is you seen him. 541-273-1358 or 541-891-2478

Lost Chihuahua named Gracey

Lost Chihuahua named Gracey, lost near Bisbee and Altamont. Fawn color, with no collar, and one black toenail. 541-891-1264.

Lost Persian Cat named Jasmine


Please help us find Jasmine!!! She’s purely an indoor cat…jumped out through an open window for the first time and we really want/need her to find her way home!!
She’s an older cat, declawed and can’t meow very loud so I’m horribly worried about her!! Poor thing is pretty much defenseless AND it’s getting very cold out. This is her first time being out by herself… I walked around for two hours calling for her but no luck.
She’s on a specific diet and she’s my whole world… please please please if you find her call me! She’s very friendly so please..please PLEASE!! You have no idea how much I and my family adores her…
She has purple flea collar on…pure white, long haired Persian with big, beautiful sparkly blue eyes.
I’m kicking myself so hard for leaving the window open….losing sleep wishing she was home.
The picture is very recent although she just had her whiskers and ear hair trimmed.

Cell: 916-475-4938
home: 541-205-5375

Found Border Collie named Rocky

Very friendly border collie named “Rocky”. Sweet boy with black around eyes and a strip of white down the middle. Didn’t want him wandering in the dark off Hammer St off Hilyard. 541-591-5223

Found Sheppard Husky

Found dog running on hwy 66 just past Lawanda Hills. Possibly a shepard husky or wolf mix. White to fawn in color. Approximately 80 lbs. 541-331-2231

Lost Female English Bull Dog

Lost:  Female English Bull Dog, Color:  White,  Age: 6 years old, Name Winnie.   Lost between Bly and Beatty

541-353-2459 or 541-891-2395

Missing Jack Russell Terrier

Missing Jack Russell terrier named Sparkles. Looks like the dog from Frasier. Near Wocus and Highway 97. No Collar. 541-363-2916

Lost Golden retriever

Golden retriever lost near Hilyard and Patterson, named Shelby. 541-851-1924

Lost Black and White cat near Coast Guard station

Black and white cat, male, missing from Port of Brookings Harbor near the Coast Guard Station on August 30th between 5 and 8 PM. 541-294-1421