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Lost Cat

A neutered male cat with dark grey/Russian blue short hair recently went missing from the neighborhood of Damont Street & Pacific Terrace in Klamath Falls.

The cat is fourteen years old, collarless, and answers to Malachi. If found, please call 541-891-4535.

Missing Pit Bull Mix

A white/black mix breed male dog (that looks like a pit bull) recently went missing from Logan Drive in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-281-7311.

Missing Chihuahua

Ecko (see photo), is a black male Chihuahua that is missing from Onyx Avenue in Klamath Falls. He weighs approximately ten pounds, and is a year and a half old.

If found, please call 209-224-7667. There will be a reward.

Found Cat

A female cat, estimated to be aged between 6 months and 1 year old, was recently found on Lakeshore Drive in Klamath Falls. The cat has a white-gray flur, with blue-green eyes. She is unchipped.

If missing, please call 541-882-8065.

Missing Dog – Lhasa Apso

Ozzie, also known as Big Boy, is a male Lhasa Apso that recently went missing near Greensprings Drive and the Waste Management site (Klamath Falls) on November 10th. 

If found, please call 541-281-6843.

Missing Chihuahua – lost for over a year

A brown and white, almost Dingo colored chihuahua has been missing since May 5th 2014. He was last seen on Bisbee in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-331-0540

Missing Cat

Cooter (see photo) was lost around Halloween on Lynwood & Lakeshore in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-810-3112

Missing Rottweiler Mix

A male rottweiler mix (see photo) was last seen at the Running Y Resort on November 1st.

He weighs about 85 pounds, and is very friendly. He was last seen chasing after a pack of deer on Coopers Hawk in Running Y around 4 PM on November 1st.

If found, please call 541-887-7288 or email

Missing female border collie

A female border collie (see photo) was last seen on October 18th in the Jake Road/Round Lake area in Klamath Falls.

The dog is black & white, without tags. She is chipped.

If found, please call 541-891-3444.

Found Pekingese

A male pekingese was recently found near Bellm Estates around Harlan Drive in Klamath Falls.

The dog does not have tags.

If missing, please call 541-892-5220.