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Lost: Black Lab

A Black Labrador was lost this afternoon between Altamont & Crosby.

If found, please call 541-892-0363.

Lost: Terrier Mix

A small terrier mix (photo attached) was last seen in the Southview neighborhood at Highway 140 & Orindale. The dog has a brown/white color, with black patches, and short-length curly hair. The dog was last seen wearing a red bark collar and no tags. The dog is fixed and chipped.

If found, please call Amanda at 541-891-1145.

Lost: Male Yellow Lab

Around 7 AM on Tuesday morning, an older male Yellow Lab was lost near of Hanks and Front streets in Klamath Falls. He was wearing a blue collar and a flea collar, without a tag. The dog is neutered.

If found, please call Lori at 541-613-4697 or Archie at 541-892-5352.

Found: Female Chihuaua

Over the weekend, a female chihuahua was found near Summers & Adelaide. 

If missing, please call 541-840-8061.

Lost: German Shorthair

Rhi, a German Shorthair (see photo), was recently lost around Chemult off Highway 97′s milestone #226, near Mt. Scott Meadows. He is approximately fifty pounds, with a brown head and a brown/white spotted coat.  

If found, please call Cara at 503-884-2921.

Lost: Red Heeler

Max, a male Red Heeler (see photo), was lost around 10 AM Sunday morning. He was last seen near Pine Grove, but could have ventured towards Swan Lake. 

If found, please call or text Dionne at 541-810-0035

Lost: Black Lab

Brutus, a male black labrador retriever, was lost recently near Skyline above Sierra Heights. He wears a tan collar.

If found, please call Derek at 541-892-0957

Found: Yellow Lab

An older, presumably female Yellow Lab was found in Bonanza over the holiday weekend.

If missing, please call Gary at 541-545-6570.

Found: Golden Retriever

Over the holiday weekend, a Golden Retriever was found on Clinton Ave near Summers Lane.

If missing, please call Amber at 541-281-9292.

Found: Border Collie

Found over the fourth of July weekend. Male Border Collie mix in Merrill. Is wearing a leather collar. This dog has been recently groomed. Call 541-798-1002 if you have lost this pet.