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Found: Golden Retriever

Over the holiday weekend, a Golden Retriever was found on Clinton Ave near Summers Lane.

If missing, please call Amber at 541-281-9292.

Found: Border Collie

Found over the fourth of July weekend. Male Border Collie mix in Merrill. Is wearing a leather collar. This dog has been recently groomed. Call 541-798-1002 if you have lost this pet.

Found: Small Beagle-Cross

A small Beagle-cross (see photo) was found near Greensprings and Mallard. 

If missing, please call Maria at 541-884-2565.

Lost: 3 Year Old Heeler Mix

Chica, a 3 year old Heeler mix (see picture) went missing last night (06/26/14) in the area near Fred Meyer and the YMCA. She did not have a collar.

If found, please call or text Nicole at 541-274-0028.

Lost: Female St Bernard

Isis, a short-haired female Saint Bernard was lost on June 24th at 8 PM, near Memorial Drive and the South Side Bypass. She has a red and black Star Trek color and is about 4 years old.

If found, please call Tom at 541-331-1479

Lost: Black Miniature Pinscher

Tank, a one year old black Miniature Pinscher, was lost today on Old Fort Road. He has no collar, and a little bit of brown color on his face.

If found, please call 530-260-8081.

Lost: Border Collie

Boone, a Border Collie, was last seen recently near the alfalfa fields on the South Side Bypass.

If found, please call Amber at 541-891-5814.

Lost: 8 Year Old Turkish Van

Lost 8 year old Turkish Van Cat, mostly white with orange on head, tail, and back (see picture). Amber eyes. Last seen in the Moyina Heights area. Has been missing for 9 days.

If you have any information, please contact Mike at 541-891-1470.

Lost: Bluetick Hound

Molly, a 2 year old Bluetick hound was lost over the weekend.

Please call the Johnson family at 541-205-5221 if you have any information.

Lost: Miniature Schnauzer

Maddie, a black miniature schnauzer, was last seen on the cross of Oregon Avenue & Alameda.

Please call 541-363-8589 if you have any information.