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Lost Black Brindle Mastiff

Max, a Black Brindle Mastiff (see photo), also known as an English Mastiff, was lost on the afternoon of September 22nd near California Avenue & Cook Street in Klamath Falls. 

The dog is male, collarless, with a camouflage harness. He jumped out of his owner’s truck and may appear injured. 

If found, please call Andy at 541-591-3082.

Found Dog – Mix

A small dog of an unknown breed (assumed mix) was recently found near Reeder Road in Klamath Falls.

The dog is approximately 15 pounds in weight, with a vanilla color and a tagless collar.

If missing, please call 541-281-2302.

Lost Golden Retriever

Casey, a purebred Golden Retriever was last seen in the North Hills area of Klamath Falls. She is nine months old, and wears a blue/brown collar with pawprints.

If found, please call 360-852-0071.

Lost Orange Tabby

An orange Tabby cat was last seen on September 14th in the Lawanda Hills area of Klamath Falls. He is a six year old fixed male, with a micro chip, and a very loud meow.

If found, please call Linda at 541-880-4434

Found Black Lab

An older, collarless black lab with a limp was found by East Ridge Animal Hospital. 

If missing, please call 541-884-9383.

Lost Yorkie

A male Yorkie (see photo) with grey & tan color was recently lost on Addison Street in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call Timothy at 541-417-1377

Male Yorkie, grey & tan, escaped from backyard on Addison street klamath falls or

Lost Boxer Mix

A black/white boxer mix with a camouflage collar was recently lost off Madison Avenue in Klamath Falls. The dog is female and chipped.

If found, please call Allison at 541-331-7448.

Lost Jack Russell

Lost in Keno on Tuesday, September 16, a 14 year old female Jack Russell. If you have found, please call 541-331-3983.

Found Black Lab

Found older Black Lab with grey on   muzzle and legs, walks with a limp. Blue Collar, walks with a limp. Found on West Oregon Ave. Has been well cared for – misses home- call if you are the owner. 541-281-7940

Lost Horse

Hayley, a strawberry brown appaloosa buckskin with a measured size of 14 and a half hands, is currently missing. She has white spots on her hind quarters.

If found, please call Tracy at 541-591-6899