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Lost Jack Russell Mix

A black/white Jack Russell mix was lost at the owners home on Shasta Way. The dog is male, with a black collar and name tag. The tag features the dog’s name, Hooch, and the address of the owners on Shasta Way.

If found, please call 541-891-6803.

Found Pug

A small pug mix was found on Benson Ave in the Pacific Terrace neighborhood of Klamath Falls. The dog has a harness.

If lost, please call 541-274-1965

Lost Hounds

Three purebred dogs, one male bluetick hound and two female walker hounds were lost on Emerald Street in the Stewart Lenox neighborhood of Klamath Falls.

If found, please call 541-850-1951.

Lost Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull Mix

A chocolate lab/pit bull mix was lost near Joe Wright Road and Tingley in Klamath Falls.

The dog is 4 years old, brown in color with a white chest, and gray around muzzle. 

If found, please call Phil at 541-891-6106

Lost Siberian Husky

Miyah, a 2 year old Siberian Husky (see photo) was last seen in the Wiard Park area in south Klamath Falls. She has one green eye and one brown eye. She is medium sized, and wears a chain-like collar with a blue leash. 

If found, please call Jezikah at 541-331-1968

Lost Goat

A medium-sized horned female goat was lost on the evening of October 1st on Hope Street in Klamath Falls.

The goat is three years old and wears a pink collar.

If found, please call 541-591-8338. 

Found Chihuahua

A young female Chihuahua, believed to be a year old, was recently found in the South Suburbs neighborhood of Klamath Falls.

The dog’s color is mostly dark brown, white on all four feet, with a diamond-shaped patch of white on her head.

She has no collar, chip, or tag. 

If found, call Debby at 541-883-7091.

Found Horse

At 3 AM Saturday morning, the Klamath County Sherrif’s Department found a black & white horse near the intersection of Walton & Homedale. The horse has been temporarily relocated to a pasture on Homedale.

If missing, please call John at 541-892-5959

Found Black Lab/German Shepherd mix

Bruno, a male brown/black colored mix, believed to be a mix between a Black Lab and a German Shepherd, was found in the Pacific Terrace neighborhood of Klamath Falls. He is wearing a designer collar.

If missing, please call 541-810-1996

Lost Black Brindle Mastiff

Max, a Black Brindle Mastiff (see photo), also known as an English Mastiff, was lost on the afternoon of September 22nd near California Avenue & Cook Street in Klamath Falls. 

The dog is male, collarless, with a camouflage harness. He jumped out of his owner’s truck and may appear injured. 

If found, please call Andy at 541-591-3082.