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Found dog

A small brown dog roughly a foot tall was found on Greensprings Dr. in front of Coast Truck Centers. The dog is collared and tagged.

If missing, please call 541-882-7159.

Missing Cat

Kira (see photo), a grey & white female cat, was last seen in the Southview neighborhood of Klamath Falls.

If found, please call Jennifer at 512-540-6602

Missing Male Cat

A large male Flame Point Birman cat (see photo), was last seen January 29th in the Quarry Street neighborhood of Klamath Falls.

If found, please email Scott at this address.  

Missing Male Cat

A two year old black-&-white male cat (see photo) has been missing since Friday the 13th. He was last seen in the neighborhood behind Dairy Queen in Klamath Falls.

If found, please call Britta at 541-531-6569

Missing Lab/Pit Mix & Shepherd/Husky Mix

2 dogs are missing – last seen near Keno Springs in Bonanza. Sam is a male chocolate lab/pit bull mix, with a brown/white chest and a white spot on his nose. Bella is a female shepherd/husky mix that looks like a German Shepherd but with a husky tail.

If found, please call Elona at 541-892-1905

Found Chihuahua

A Chihuahua was found in the backyard of a home in the Mills Edition on February 4th. The dog is very friendly, and believed to be male.

If missing, please contact Amy at 541-539-1129 

Found Heeler Mix

A Heeler mix (see photo) was recently found on Old Fort Road.

If missing, please call 541-882-4715 or 541-882-7827

Found German Shorthaired Pointer

A male neutered German Shorthaired Pointer was recently found on Highway 97 near Nevada Street. The dog has a brown coat with white spots, and is wearing a red flannel collar. The dog is estimated to be around two years old.

If missing, please call 541-281-0114.

Found Mutt (Part Brown Tick)

A mutt was found recently on Old Fort Road in Klamath Falls. The dog is a male Australian Shepherd, believed to be part Brown Tick and part Queensland Heeler, though the finder was not certain.

The dog is believed to be a farm dog. If missing, please call the finder at their work number: 541-882-7827

Lost Yellow Labs

Ruby & Daisy, two Yellow Labs, were recently lost in the Pine Grove neighborhood of Klamath Falls.

Ruby is collarless, while Daisy has a collar with her owner’s phone number on it.

If found, please call Dana at 541-331-8460.