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Found Yellow Lab – Fred Meyer and YMCA

A yellow lab was found by Fred Meyer and the YMCA. He is an older male with a purple collar. 

Please contact Barbra at 541-880-6415

Two Missing Dogs – Merrill Pit & False Road

Rambo is a wirehair pointer. He is 8 months old. He is thin, white and brown, energetic and friendly. 

Taj is a large black lab with a gray muzzle. He is very gentle and older. 

Both dogs went missing by Merrill Pit and False Road, just west of town. 

Please contact Matt at 541-892-3737. 

Missing Small Dog – Modoc Point Rd

Molly is a small, light tan dog. She is darker on her head and has a fluffy, dark tail. She weighs about 9 lbs and is 14 years old. 

She disappeared by the Old Indian Church and the Williamson River trailer park on Modoc Point Road. 

Please contact Sue at 707-533-5077. 

Missing Golden Retriever – Onyx & Madison

Shelby is a golden retriever that went missing July 24th, 2017. She went missing on Onyx off of Madison. 

She is very friendly and will approach anyone, especially anyone with children. She has a chip registered under the name Lady Prada. 

Please contact Kaylee at 971-312-6309. 

Missing Australian Shepard

Isis is black and white Australian Shepard that went missing by Short and Reeder Rd on July 24th, 2017. 

She is friendly and does have a collar with tags. 

She has one blue eye and one brown eye. 

Please contact Lauren at 541-892-4420. 

Missing – Small Pug Chihuahua

Ooda is a small pug chihuahua mix with black & brown fur. She is wearing a pink color with tags. 

Ooda has been missing since July 14th, off Martin Street in Mills. A $100 reward will be offered for her return. 

Contact April Chapple at 541-205-2399. 

Missing Black Poodle – Chiloquin

Lily is a small, all black poodle, last seen on July 2nd. She went missing on Shoreview Drive and Modoc Point Rd in Chiloquin. If you have any information about Lilly, please contact Helen at 541-591-2385. 

Found German Shorthair – Falcon Heights

A female German Shorthair was found in Falcon Heights. She is 40 to 50 lbs. Found without a collar. Contact Rebecca at 541-281-1132. 

Missing Cat – South Shore & Marina Dr.

Tinkerbell is about 3 years old, she went missing around June 20th. 

She looks like a Siamese, with a dark brown face and legs, and a tan body. 

If you find her, please contact Jean Martin at 541-884-4922. She is terribly missed by her family. 

Lost Female Yorkie

White Female Yorkie on Highway 50 in Malin, OR. 

If you have questions contact Sara at 541-591-3889.