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Account Executive. Send resume to jobs@mybasin.com



General Manager
Program Director (92-5 KLAD)
KLAD Wake-Up Crew (92-5 KLAD)

Rob was born and raised in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, growing up in Minnesota Vikings and Twins territory – and yes, he is Norwegian (ya, you betcha). At the age of 10, Rob moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota and got his first taste of radio. Rob would ride his bike to radio station KNOX a couple of miles out of town to sit and watch the DJs in hopes they would let him say hi to his friends.

His radio career started in Williston, North Dakota in 1987 before moves within the state to Minot, Wahpeton and Fargo over the next five years.

After taking a vacation to visit his parents in Oregon in the summer of 1994, Rob, his wife, Jamie, and kids, Sami and Cody, decided to make the move to the Pacific Northwest. Klamath Falls became home to the Siems family.

Rob has been on the airwaves of KLAD since December 1994. He loves being part of the Klamath Basin and supporting the Basin’s organizations: The United Way, The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce, CASA, The Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank and more.

What can be said except Rob enjoys golfing, bowling, hunting and doing anything with his family. He loves spending time with his family including the newest edition to the Siems family, his grandson.

You can e mail Rob at rob@mybasin.com or connect with me on the KLAD Facebook page … and thanks always for listening to KLAD!” 


  Jay Davis – 3:00 – 7:00pm

Jay was born in South Laguna Beach, California. Before he could put up a fight, his parents decided Las Vegas was the place to be, desert livin’ was the life for them…(if you’re too young to remember, that’s a vague Green Acres reference). At some point, Jay started listening to “Wolfman Jack” and decided he wanted to do “that”, whatever “that” was, forever. He spent hours impersonating Wolfman and other personalities he loved at the time. He started actually working in radio in 1980. Jay’s first job was to put up a giant inflatable cowboy for KRAM in Las Vegas. From then on, Radio is the only thing Jay has done. His career spanned over 20 years in Las Vegas at KRLV, KLAV, KOMP and KXPT. In 1998, Jay accidentally started on a path to become a radio engineer (the engineer was badly injured in a helicopter accident and Jay was induced to get an education and put on the engineer’s hat) did that, along with doing a show every day on a Classic Rock Station, eventually landing in Chico, California for 10 years. After submitting a resume to KLAD back in April of 2013, Jay had made the decision that he would retire from engineering and return to radio airwaves full time. Six months later, he got the call he had been waiting for from KLAD! Funny how things work out. Jay is loving life in Klamath Falls and looks forward to getting to know you all around town and on the radio.

Jay has five kids (17 to 29) and five grandkids (2 ½ to 19) and, believe it or not, one GREAT grandkid. One of Jay’s grandkids (6 years old) was born with a disorder called Septo Optic Dysplasia and is developmentally disabled. Since Keegan (Jay’s grandson) was born, he has become very involved with the Magic Foundation for kids with developmental and growth issues and several northern Nevada organizations dedicated to helping special needs children. Jay’s Southern Oregon goal is to bring more awareness to special needs children and the challenges faced by them and their families. Jay is also an avid blood and platelet donor and encourages everyone who can donate blood, to donate blood. Visit the Red Cross office in Klamath Falls to donate blood. You single donation can be the difference between life or death. One platelet donation can save three lives. Oh, and Jay likes to fish, take day road trips and “play” golf (although those who golf with him call it something else) and spend lots of time with family and friends.

After spending his formative youth watching “Dandy” Don Meredith, Jay became a Dallas Cowboys fan and has been since. You can razz him about that… Jay says, “hey, since you’re cyber loafing at your desk anyway, go ahead and email me at jay@mybasin.com. Then click the “like” button on the KLAD Facebook page to comment on my random questions!”


Nicky Robinson – 3:00 – 7:00pm 99.5 The ROCK


Nicky was born in Los Angeles.  After twelve years living as a valley girl she decided to fulfill the dream of Californians everywhere (California dreamin’)  and move with her mama (but not her papa) to Oregon.  She attended Klamath Union High School and graduated in 2002 with a major in cheerleading.  After trying her hand at door manufacturing she decided manual labor was not for her and put all of her considerable talents into landing a desk job.  KLAD called and Nicky found her home.  A few years went by working in the office and Nicky got curious about all the voices on the radio.  Like Dorothy, she wanted to pull back the curtain and see who the Wizard of Oz really was.  Turns out it was three people all sharing one microphone, her boss Rob Siems and co-workers Jay and Silent Scotty Karate.  With an overinflated ego in hand, she decided that being a DJ was her true passion mixed in with a few odd jobs here and there in the office.  Over two years later, she’s still yakking on the air with her favorite co-host and loving every second of it.  

Volunteering is close to Nicky’s heart and one of her passions.  She has been actively involved in Citizens for Safe Schools as a mentor for the last several years and recently joined the Food Bank as a board member.  She supports the men and women serving in the US Military through Adpot-a-Platoon and has been a reader in the S.M.A.R.T. Reading program.  

She currently has three fur babies,  a lab/golden retriever mix,  one great dane, and a fat self-masticating orange tabby.  She also has a full grown man child she sometimes claims as her husband when filing her taxes.  She enjoys spending time in the outdoors whether that is walking her dogs (or the other way around), skiing, camping, hiking, or running.



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