Connect The Dots

 It was this year’s hottest selling Christmas gift …did Santa forget to leave one under your tree??  92.5 KLAD, The Rock at 94.9, 99.5 The Fox, and BIG 98.5 are here to hook you up!! 

 Get ready to Connect the Dots and win your own Echo Dot Smart Speaker. 

Here’s how you play and win!

1.  Sign up below.

2.  Listen for your name at 7 am, Noon & 4pm weekdays.

3. When you hear your name call (541) 850-7552 to play CONNECT THE DOTS! Match 2 dots on the game board…and win your own ECHO DOT SMART SPEAKER! 


 Download the printable version of the board

If you already have an Alexa device, here’s how to make it play our stations!

1.  You must first ENABLE the Skill…it’s sort of like downloading an app on your phone. To do this, just say either “ALEXA, ENABLE KLAD SKILL,” “ALEXA, ENABLE THE ROCK SKILL,” “ALEXA, ENABLE THE FOX SKILL,” OR ”ALEXA, ENABLE BIG NINETY EIGHT FIVE.”  You can also enable our skill on the Alexa app on your phone by searching for “KLAD,” “THE ROCK,” “THE FOX” OR or “BIG NINETY EIGHT FIVE” under SKILLS.

2.  After the skill is enabled all you have to do to listen anytime is say  ”ALEXA, OPEN KLAD,” ”ALEXA, OPEN THE ROCK,” ”ALEXA, OPEN THE FOX,” OR ”OPEN , ENABLE BIG NINETY EIGHT FIVE.” 


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