Crater Lake

People entering national parks in spite of closures

CRATER LAKE, Ore. — National Parks across the country remain closed due to the government shutdown, but that isn’t stopping people from ignoring the closed gates and signs, and going in anyway. Crater Lake National Park is one of the parks that is seeing some of that activity even though the closure is being...
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Vote delayed to ban laser treatments by cosmotologists

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Board of Cosmetology has delayed a vote on whether to ban estheticians from using laser treatments. The Board decided that it needed more time to investigate oversight and insurance issues, before making a decision. The Oregon Health Licensing Agency recently proposed to the Board that it should pass a...
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Lakeview defers to the county to decide if ATVs can drive on the streets

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — The Lakeview Town Council is looking into to allowing all-terrain vehicles on its streets. The cities Paisley and John Day permit ATVs, and allowing them in Lakeview would entice more tourists to stay overnight. Lakeview manager Ray Simms says city streets lead to county roads, so Lakeview won’t give the ok...
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klamath falls city police

2 car crash on Sunday closed all but one lane on Washburn

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A 2 vehicle collision blocked the roadway at the intersection of Crosby and Washburn yesterday in Klamath Falls. The accident happened around noon and involved an older sedan and a newer SUV. The crash closed all lanes of Washburn except one, as several emergency crews worked on extricating one of...
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GMO protestors gather in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — People were out this weekend protesting against the growth of GMO’s in Oregon. Voters are going to decide on the issue during the election in May of 2014. For some crops, the USDA requires a 4-mile buffer between a GMO field and a non-GMO field to avoid cross-pollination. Non-GMO farmers are...
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Josh Cavett

Man suspected in the shooting death of his ex wife and abduction of his child arrested

GRESHAM, Ore. — Authorities arrested a Gresham man in connection with a shooting that killed his ex wife, and they also recovered the man’s 2-year-old daughter who was the focus of an Amber Alert issued Saturday. Earlier in the day, police found the woman with a life threatening gunshot wound in a Gresham apartment....
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Consumer Reports urges the public to avoid Foster Farms chicken

WASHINGTON — Consumer Reports is telling the public to avoid buying Foster Farms chicken. The group says the public should avoid any raw poultry from the company’s plants in central California. Earlier this week the U.S. Department of Agriculture sent letters to the Foster Farms plants in Fresno and Livingston, saying the company had...
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Supervisor for the Oregon Department of Revenue busted for making counterfeit money

KEIZER, Ore. –A supervisor for the Oregon Department of Revenue has been caught making counterfeit currency at his home in Keizer for the last year. 29 year old Michael Dietrich was caught after investigators received information three weeks ago that Dietrich may have been manufacturing and distributing counterfeit money. Police searched Dietrich’s home on...
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Wild Horse Running

Wild horse advocates in court again yesterday

RENO, Nv. — Wild horse advocates were back in federal court yesterday in Reno trying to block shipment of hundreds of mustangs gathered from a national wildlife refuge based on arguments the government has violated their First Amendment right to observe the handling of the animals. Horseback Magazine photographer Laura Leigh testified in U.S....
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Marijuana dispensaries prepare to open in Oregon

SALEM, Ore. — Marijuana dispensaries become legal statewide in March and businesses are already getting prepared. Right now, the actual rules around medical marijuana dispensaries haven’t been defined, but rules advisory committee is working on that now. The Oregon Health Authority wants to establish a system for licensing, and regulating medical marijuana dispensaries, and...
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