Fireball seen in the Pacific Northwest sky

PACIFIC NORTHWEST — Several people in the North West reported seeing a flaming fireball that was traveling east to west in the sky over Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana on yesterday morning. The fireball shot through the sky around 6am, and was reportedly brighter than a full moon. The American Meteor Society’s website received...
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Cover Oregon

150,000 Oregonians enrolled in individual health care plans may see plans cancelled

SALEM, Ore. — Officials say about 150,000 Oregonians enrolled in individual health care plans are going to see their plans cancelled by the end of the year because the plans don’t provide the minimum level of coverage required under the new health care law. Those facing cancellations could see a break in coverage if...
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Record set for groups lost at the same time on Mt. McLoughlin

MOUNT MCLOUGHLIN, Ore. — The amount of hikers rescued on Mount McLoughlin has set a record for rescue crews there. The three seperate hiking parties were lost at the same time, the first time that’s ever happened on the mountain. The cause was believed to be a section of trail that looks like the...
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Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce backs bond for KCC

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce will back a $9.85 million bond that will fund improvments at Klamath Community College. Voters will decide on the November 5th ballot on whether to approve the bond that will pay for new buildings and more programs. Bond funds, Oregon and KCC would all...
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winter road snow

Studded tires are legal in Oregon on Friday

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Studded tire season kicks off this week, and ODOT would like you to consider alternatives. Studded tires are legal starting this Friday through March 31st, but because studded tires damage Oregon highways, so ODOT wants drivers to consider other options like chains or non-studded traction tires. Studded tires cause over...
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police lights

Officers out in force looking for impaired drivers this Halloween

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Plan on partying on Halloween, make sure you have a designated driver. Oregon State Police and county and local law enforcement agencies will be out in force this Halloween looking for unsafe and impaired driving on our roadways. Two people were killed last year on Halloween night in Oregon, and...
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Sno-Park permits required starting Friday

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Sno-Park permit season opens this Friday, and you need one if you plan on parking in any area designated as a sno-park. Oregon’s Sno-Park program helps with snow removal at about 100 winter recreation parking areas across the state. Permits are required from Friday until April 30th. Permits are avaialable...
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Hyatt Lake

Hyatt Lake Dam has been leaking for years

HYATT LAKE, Ore. –The Federal Bureau of Reclamation is saying that a local dam is leaking, as has been leaking for several years. Observations by officials show Hyatt Lake Dam has been leaking water since 2009. One of the options to fix the leak would be to install a filter system, but the costs...
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Doctor Checking the Blood Pressure of a Patient

New 2014 information on Medicare now available online

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — If you’re enrolling or enrolled in a Medigap, Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug plan, you can do it online. Yesterday, the Oregon Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance program posted its annual guide to those programs for 2014. The publication explains the programs and offers county-by-county comparisons of insurer...
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Officials have some tips for trick or treaters

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Law enforcement officials want to offer a few tips for parents that are getting their kids costumes ready for the holiday. Make sure their costumes, wigs and accessories are fire-resistant. Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to make sure they are visible if the kids are going to be...
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