Warner Mountain Ski Area gets a new Snowcat

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — Warner Mountain Ski Area has just picked up newer snowcat for the operations there. They sold off one of the older ones they had for around $3200, and that money plus $10,000 from the Collins-McDonald Trust. The new model is from a cross-country ski area in Bear Valley, California, and has...
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salem capitol building

Oregon Officials Selling Voter Information

Salem, Ore. – Oregon officials have been making money by selling voter information to political parties and private companies. The Statesman Journal newspaper reports that the office of the Oregon Secretary of State has made nearly $90,000 off fees during the past five years by selling the voter registration database. The voter registration database...
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Traffic Crashes Serve As Reminders To Be Aware Of Road & Weather Conditions

Crater Lake, Ore. – Freezing rain and icy road conditions were contributing factors Friday in several crashes that occurred north of Crater Lake National Park. Oregon State Police (OSP) urges drivers to be extremely cautious while driving in areas with potential challenging weather and road conditions, and to find safe locations to stop when chaining up...
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Foster Farms Samonella outbreak continues to grow

WASHINGTON D.C. — Think the Foster Farms salmonella outbreak is over? Think again. The Foster Farms outbreak which started in March is still ongoing, with new cases being reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said that at least 416 people had noe been sickened in the outbreak, 27 more...
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Lakeview Disaster Unit has 10 new trained volunteers

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — The Lakeview Disaster Unit has 10 new trained volunteers to and to the roster. 10 EMTs recently passed the requisite tests for state and national certification. This brings the number of available volunteers around the area to around 40 people, including trained ambulance drivers as well as those certified as various...
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Klamath National Forest

Klamath National Forest holding job fair in Yreka

YREKA, Ca.  — The Klamath National Forest is hosting a job fair coming up next month. The job fair on January 18th will be held at the Forest Headquarters office at 1711 South Main in Yreka from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. They’re hiring for temporary, seasonal and permanent jobs, and if you like...
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OSP trooper makes major marijuana bust in Lakeview

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — An Oregon State Police trooper made a major marijuana bust during traffic stop last Thursday near Lakeview. 30 year old Matthew E. Krenning from from Madison, Wisconsin was pulled over for a traffic violation on Highway 140 west, when the officer found 30 pounds of marijuana hidden in his vehicle. Krenning...
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Oregon Health & Science University finds moderate drinking good for infections and immune sytem

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Health & Science University has found that moderate drinking may actually be good our immune system, as well as helping fight off infections. The research published Tuesday could help scientists find new ways to improve the human body’s ability to respond to vaccines and infections. The scientists did their research...
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Klamath County Sheriff badge

Klamath County makes bust on Shasta Way

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath County Sheriff’s took three people into custody yesterday, after a two month long investigation that began when neighbors first complained to law enforcement about the activities at the home. The Sheriff’s SWAT team served a search warrant at 5417 Shasta Way a little before 9am on Wednesday morning....
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Klamath County logo

Basin Recreation District fails to make 2014 ballot

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Proponents of a recreation district here in Klamath Falls have been denied a request to see it on the 2014 ballot because supporters didn’tget enough signatures for it to qualify. Supporters of a Basin Recreation District had only gathered 3,025 signatures when they made there presentation, but 3,200 were needed,...
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