Salmon River fire 16% contained

SALMON RIVER — The wildfire near Salmon River continues to torch more and more acreage, and fire fighters only have the fire 16% contained so far. Over 1000 men and women have been working on the fire that started on July 31st, and the rain yesterday helped to get a better defense line around...
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Tulelake Internment Camp

George Takei and others join fight against proposed fence through Tulelake Internment Camp

TULELAKE, Ca.– George Takei from Star Trek fame has joined the fight against a proposed fence that was to be build through the Tulelake Internment Camp. A large coalition has stepped forward, including Sulu who was interred at Tulelake when he was a small boy, to voice their disapproval with the fence. The Tule...
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500 lightning strikes reported in Klamath and Lake county

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Over 500 lightning strikes were observed in Klamath and Lake Counties on Tuesday night. As a result, 20 fires started in Klamath County on lands managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry and Fremont-Winema National Forest. A reconnaissance airplane and firefighters on the ground are looking for more fires in...
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Amber Alert issued after San Diego murder suspect’s car spotted in Lakeview

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — An Amber Alert’s been issued here for the man suspected of murdering his girlfriend in San Diego, and allegedly kidnapping the  woman’s two children.  40 year old James Lee DiMaggio’s car was sighted in Lakeview at 2pm today. DiMaggio is reportedly driving a blue 2013 Nissan Versa with California license plates...
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Man dies in truck crash while working on Oregon wildfire

MERLIN, Ore. — A man working on the Big Windy fireline has died. 19 year old Jesse Trader from Albany was killed when he crashed his water truck after delivering water all night. Trader was just driving over to turn the truck in for the next person on the shift.  He is the second...
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Freedom to Marry

Gay marriage rights campaign gets 42,000 signatures in just 12 days

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon says I Do campaign is getting an overwhelming response for signatures on their quest to get a same sex marriage initiative on the next ballot. After only 12 days the campaign has gathered over 42,000 signatures. Basic Rights Oregon, the organization responsible for the initiative have around 1,700 people...
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Klamath Union High School

Klamath Falls City Schools board of directors considers school bond for Klamath Union High School

KLAMATH FALLS. Ore. — Klamath Falls City Schools board of directors began the conversation about putting much needed money towards a refurbished or completely brand new Klamath Union High School, and they considered a bond in the next elections. The bond would generate the money for the construction if passed in the 2014 or...
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Preliminary study complete on city owned utility

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The preliminary findings in a study on the feasibility of the city running the utilities here in the basin is complete. $32.2 million is what it would cost the city to buy out Pacific Power electric operations, and turn them over into the hands of the Klamath Falls. Pacific Power...
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Preliminary report on a city owned utility due out today

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The city of Klamath Falls is holding a meeting today to discuss the preliminary findings in a viability study for a city controlled utility. The city is in the exploratory stages of whether it would be financially more feasible to run the utilities here in the basin, as opposed to...
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Teen bit by rattlesnake in Applegate

APPLEGATE, Ore. — The public is urged to use caution when handling snakes in the woods, after a teenager was bitten by a rattlesnake on Sunday. The boy picked up a snake in the Applegate area, and says he didn’t know it was a rattler until he saw the two holes from the rattler’s...
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