Bears are coming out of hibernation

EUGENE, Ore. — The bears are out, and one was killed recently south of Eugene after being hit by a car. Black bears have come out of hibernation, and there’s been reports of bears getting into garbage cans and beehives. Oregon has over 25,000 black bears, and they tend to come around people more...
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Oregon License Plate

License plate bill will raise money for schools

A bill that was introduced yesterday in the Oregon House is looking to create a new, specialty license plate to raise money for schools. The “Invest in the Future” license plate was thought of by a mom with two kids in public schools. House Bill 3534 proposes a $50 surcharge on the plates.  
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Klamath County Sheriff’s Department spared from budget axe

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath County sheriff’s department was saved from the budget axe at today’s Klamath County Commissioners meeting.  At first the department was looking at almost a million and half in cuts, but Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah defended the departments’ needs, and more importantly, the needs of the people. The...
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Man shoots bear in Klamath Falls

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A bear that was chasing a Klamath Falls man’s dogs and acting aggressively was shot by the man early yesterday. The man came outside after hearing the dogs around 5am, and saw the bear chasing his dogs around the property. The bear wouldn’t leave, and when the bear charged, the...
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power pole

City fight over municipal utility may come down to eminant domain

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The struggle between the city of Klamath Falls  and Pacific Power over which entity should have control of the power here in the basin may come down to eminent domain. The city of Hermiston, Oregon ended up controlling the power there via eminent domain after a similar feasibility study to...
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Scientists study rat poison’s effects on the spotted owl

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Scientists are beginning a study to see if rat poison used by pot farms is contributing to the deaths of spotted owls in Southern Oregon and NorthernCalifornia. Two spotted owls found dead in Northern California tested positive for poison. Loss of old growth forest habitat and the invasion of the...
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Bill minimizing pesticide use on the way to the governor

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon’s Senate passed a bill yesterday that aims to minimize pesticide use on state-owned property. The bill is on its was to the governor’s desk. House Bill 3364 requires “integrated pest management” for state programs such as invasive weed control and on public property like forests,  universities, and roadsides. The Senate...
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Invasive shellfish turn up in Oregon

ONTARIO, Ore. — Invasive shellfish have been found in Oregon. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife boat inspectors found quagga mussels on a motorboat in Ontario, Oregon. The ODFW said the Pacific Northwest is one of the last regions in the country where the invasive bivalve has popped up. The suspected boat had been...
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8 lbs. of marijuana found in van traveling through Lakeview

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — Oregon state police found about eight pounds of marijuana inside two wrapped birthday gift boxes during a traffic stop for a speeding violation. The officers found the drugs after a trooper stopped a Ford van with Minnesota plates that was northbound on Highway 395 north of Lakeview.They also found an ice...
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Child vaccination bill goes before Senate

SALEM, Ore. — The Senate is going to take a hard look at a child vaccination bill this morning. Senate Bill 132 would allow parents to opt out of immunizations for non-medical reasons, but only after watching an online video or getting a note from a health care provider saying the parents understand the...
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