No fireworks or exploding targets allowed in Oregon due to fire season

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Fire season has started in Oregon, and The Bureau of Land Management wants to remind everyone that fireworks and exploding targets are not allowed in the state. If you’re caught lighting off fireworks or using exploding targets on BLM-managed lands, you can be fined up to $1,000, be sent to...
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Townsend Farms frozen fruit recalled

PORTLAND, Ore. — A frozen fruit manufacturer in Oregon is recalling a berry product that’s linked to a hepatitis A outbreak in five Western states. Townsend Farms sold 332,000 packages of their product called Organic Antioxidant Blend through Costco stores nationwide. It also shipped to an East Coast  chain. So far, 34 people in...
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Phone scam hits Klamath Falls, and other local counties

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — If a British sounding person calls and asks for money, and says they’re from the DEA, don’t believe them. Local authorities say a phone scam that has been reported in Klamath, Modoc, and Siskiyou counties with that description has been attempting to rob people of their hard earned cash. Law...
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Bill will make it illegal to smoke in car with kids

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Legislature has approved a bill that would make it a crime to smoke in a car with kids. The House approved the bill in a 43-15 vote on yesterday. It now goes to the Governor. The bill would prohibit drivers from smoking in cars if a person under 18...
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river with salmon jumping

Scientists form opinion on Klamath Basin water

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Federal scientists have a plan for balancing water in the Klamath Basin between fish and farms in a way that won’t harm salmon and other fish protected by the Endangered Species Act. A biological opinion was formed on Monday for operations on the Klamath Project. The Bureau of Reclamation says...
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Oregon scientist stirs controversy over stem cell study

PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon scientist is caused uproar in the medical community with his plans to harvest human embryonic stem cells for use in future treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. The controversy is that Shoukhrat Mitalipov’s methods are similar to the ones one would use to create human clones. In fact,...
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Golden Wheat in June

More fall out from GMO wheat discovery

PORTLAND, Ore. — South Korea and the Europe have called for new testing of American wheat in light of the GMO wheat plant that was found in Oregon. The Oregon wheat crop valued at $300 million to $500 million, seems to be beginning to experience more fall out from the discovery since Japan postponed...
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police lights

Woman arrested after high speed chase on Highway 97

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Officials arrested a woman in Klamath Falls Saturday morning for stealing a car and then trying to get away in high-speed chase on Highway 97. An officer saw a 1995 Buick that had been reported stolen, and when the officer tried to pull the vehicle over, Portland resident Jennifer Jones...
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Oregon State Police_OSP_badge

Updated: Oregon State Police: Fatal crash in Klamath Falls

Update from OSP – 9:17 a.m. June 1, 2013 Oregon State Police (OSP) is continuing the investigation into Friday evening’s single vehicle traffic crash along Lower Klamath Lake Road south of Merrill in Klamath County that resulted in the death of an adult male passenger and non-life threatening injuries to the vehicle’s driver. The...
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Klamath Falls man doesn’t have to pay back the majority of his student loans

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A court ruling allowed a Klamath Falls man to cut over $50,000 from his student loans. Mike Hedlund, who went to school to become a lawyer, but failed the bar exam, won the ruling on the criteria that he couldn’t pay the loan and keep up his standard of living,...
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