Program Helps You Swap Out Old Wood Stove

Klamath Falls, Ore.– On a yellow air quality day, you can’t use a non-certified wood stove. But what if that’s you’re only source of heat? You can apply for an exemption, but state lawmakers have now approved 1.5 million dollars for a program to help Klamath and Lake county residents swap out old wood...
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KCC Hikes President’s Pay

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Klamath Community College will pony-up the money to keep the school’s president around for a while longer. President Roberto Gutierrez was on the short list for a job in Florida that would have nearly doubled his salary. But he told KCC’s Board of Education he’s be happy to withdraw his name...
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Safeway Stores Slated for Make-overs

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Two Klamath Falls Safeway Stores will get a make-over in April. The stores were part of deal that has Northwest-based chain Haggan taking over both Safeway locations in Klamath Falls. The ownership swap is official as of Friday. The new owners have mapped out a rough plan for changing the signage...
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Oregon Farm Bureau: Bill will Hurt Oregon Agriculture

Salem, Ore.– As the house gets ready to take a look at Senate Bill 324 A, more commonly referred to as the low carbon fuel standard bill, agricultural organizations express their concerns over SB 324 A to Oregonians. Jenny Dresler, government affairs associate for the Oregon Farm Bureau, said that while they can’t be...
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Police Asking for Information on Missing Woman

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Alicia Christine Scott went missing from the Klamath Falls area on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015. She has also gone by the names Alicia Jensen, and Alicia Maris. She’s 35-years old, 5’03” 140 pounds, with medium length blonde hair. She has family in the Bend area, but hasn’t contacted her family since...
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California DFW will Not Introduced Wolves

Alturas, Calif.– The California Department of Wildlife says it has no plans to try reintroducing wolves to Northern California. Wildlife officials were in Alturas last week, and said while there’s nothing stopping Oregon’s growing wolf population from crossing the border, California will not work to introduce wolves. Oregon’s tagged wolf, named OR7, did cross into Modoc...
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Grant Helps Rural Learning Centers in Lake County

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded Klamath Community College, Lake County School District, and the Innovation and Learning Center, a $300,000 grant to support rural distance education in Lake County.  Of this $300,000 award, just over $194,000 will be used to provide local matching funds for the USDA Rural Development Grant, which...
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Oregon Woman Returns from East Timor

Portland, Ore.– An Oregon woman with Klamath Falls connections, is expected to arrive in Portland today after a months-long ordeal in East Timor. Stacey Addison was arrested in September, shortly after entering East Timor to renew a travel Visa. She was sharing a cab with a stranger…who made a quick stop to get some drugs....
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Weed Murder Suspect Identified

Weed, CA– The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office has identified the victim of Monday’s murder near Weed California as 60-year old Dale Bowen, known to friends as Angel Feather. Witnesses say they heard an argument coming from Bowen’s trailer Monday morning, before Bowen was found dead. Mathew Raye Baker was arrested Monday in Talent, and is charged with...
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Bill to Change Class-Action Lawsuits Moves Forward

Salem, Ore.– The Oregon Senate has approved a bill to change the way Oregon handles class-action lawsuits. House bill 2700 passed the senate in a near party-line vote. It would send unclaimed damage awards to the state’s legal aid fund instead of returning it to the company that was sued. Republicans tried to keep the law from becoming...
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