Hemp farmers won’t be stopped from growing their crops in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. — People who want to grow hemp in Oregon for fiber and textile production say the federal decision not to challenge marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado is in their favor. The U.S. Attorney in Portland says their office won’t interfere with hemp production as long as the state has controls and...
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Klamath Chamber warns the public about Springhill Press maps

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Calls from Springhill Press selling advertising for a map have been going out to locals, and the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce wants you to know that they are not involved with the calls or Springhill Press. Springhill Press is telling callers they are working with the Chamber to sell...
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FDA gets over 200 calls about recalled Chobani yogurt

WASHINGTON — More than 200 people have filed complaints to federal authorities that they’ve gotten sick after eating Chobani yogurt. The Food and Drug Administration had taken 223 calls so far from the public. The agency hasn’t identified the source of illness yet, and the cause is still under investigation.
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Klamath County logo

Klamath Falls decides to add patrols to the downtown area

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath Falls Downtown Association Board has decided to fight crime by adding police on bikes and foot patrols in the downtown area. Law enforcement will begin patrolling downtown this week in an attempt to cut down on the panhandlers, skateboarding issues, shoplifters, and transients.  The move is to help...
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GMO alfalfa plants and seeds found in Eastern Washington

EASTERN WASHINGTON — The state Department of Agriculture says alfalfa seed and plant samples taken from an Eastern Washington farm did have traces low level genetic modification. Samples showed a low-level presence of being Round-Up Ready, which was created by Monsanto, meaning they are able to tolerate the well-known herbicide. The testing was ordered...
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Oregonians are driving less

SALEM, Ore. — Oregonians are driving less according to recent studies. An analysis shows that driving in the state has been falling since reaching a peak in 2004. Almost a decade ago the average distance traveled per person in Oregon was almost 10,000 miles, and at the end of last year it was only...
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stacks of money

Minimum wage will go up to $10 in California

SACRAMENTO, Ca. — Thursday California lawmakers voted for a bill that would increase the state’s minimum wage from eight dollars to ten dollars by 2016. Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign off wage increase any day now. If Governor Brown signs the bill, California would be the highest paid state in the country....
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Cause of fire discovered in Stewart Lennox blaze

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — Investigators now know the cause of the Stewart Lennox fire that tore through two homes and several buildings. Klamath County Fire District 1 says around 6pm people on the 3500 block of Cortez Street were burning the plastic off of metal wires in an old burn barrel, and the fire...
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Scott wayne bailey

Man gets jail time for $1.2 million gold heist from courthouse

SISKYOU, Ore. — A man is going to jail for his part in a California gold heist. Scott Wayne Bailey has been sentenced to 5 years in Siskiyou County Jail, and he could serve as little as two and a half years. Bailey plead guilty in the January 2012 burglary where he and other...
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Stores can now sell beer and wine along with hard alcohol

SALEM, Ore. — Any state liquor outlet can now sell beer and wine along with hard alcohol if the location is qualified with the necessary licenses. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is trying to loosen state liquor sales because of changing consumer tastes and a move towards privatization. The agency gave approval for four...
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