Klamath Falls woman faces assault charge

Bail was set at $110,000 over the weekend for a local woman charged with assault. 35-year old Sheila Maria Kerekes was arrested early Sunday and charged with first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon and booked into the Klamath County Jail.
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Gas prices show no signs of lowering

Gas prices have climbed 25 cents on average since January 1, and experts say the $4 mark is coming. The national average could be around $4.25 by late April. Prices now in Klamath Falls average in the $3.60s.
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Price of stamps may go up again

The US Postal Service is proposing increasing the cost of a stamp to fifty cents to deal with its budget issues. A spokesperson for the post office says the cost would likely go up gradually during the next few years. The price of a stamp just increased a cent to forty-five cents last month,...
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Public Safety Advisory Committee looks at another fund swap

The Public Safety Advisory Committee has asked the Klamath Falls City Council and the Klamath County Board of Commissioners to direct the county to look into legalities of Road Taxing Districts voluntarily moving tax revenue from their accounts into a Public Safety District and having those funds replaced by County Road Funds. The Advisory...
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Public Safety committee urges local leaders to support state measure

The Public Safety Advisory Committee has asked the Klamath Falls City Council and the Klamath County Board of Commissioners to write a letter of support to Oregon lawmakers regarding the current talks about more funding for public safety. Lawmakers have a measure before them that would pull money from the Oregon State Lottery.
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Open enrollment approved at County School District

Students who want to attend a school in the Klamath County School District can do so. The board of directors approved a measure late last week that allows unrestricted student transfers into the district and from other county schools. If the Klamath Falls City Schools district also decides to allow open enrollment, students would...
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DUII leads to vehicular manslaughter charge

32-year old Jose Vite-Hernandez is facing a vehicular manslaughter charge after an accident Friday night killed his passenger. The Yreka office of the California Highway Patrol says the passenger was sitting in the backseat and was thrown from the vehicle. Troopers say the investigation determined Vite-Hernandez was under the influence of alcohol and he...
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oregon state capital

State continues to consider troublesome budget

SALEM, Ore. – Gov. John Kitzhaber’s administration wants Oregon lawmakers to come up with other budget options. A recent legislative proposal would lay off hundreds of middle managers and make other cuts to programs as lawmakers try to shore up a budget gap. Anticipated tax revenue is down about $340 million. Lawmakers and the...
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Klamath County Sheriff badge

Chiloquin child missing

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Officers continue to search for a missing child near Chiloquin. The female sixth grade student is reportedly missing from Chiloquin Elementary school. Few details are available, but members of the Klamath County Sheriff’s office and the Chiloquin Agency-Lake Fire District are part of the search effort.
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Bray case moves to trial

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – 65-year old Elizabeth Bray of Klamath Falls will stand trial in the shooting death of her husband. She faces a first degree assault charge. Bray had agreed to a plea deal for a lesser charge of attempted first-degree assault, but the lawyers could not agree on whether she would plead...
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