Tulelake Council Selects New Mayor

Tulelake, Calif.– A new man is at the helm of the Tulelake city council, according to a report in the Herald and News. Former Mayer Randy Darrow JUST survived a recall effort, but an annual reorganization of the council led to him stepping down as mayor. He remains a member of the city council....
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Few Jobs, but Better Jobs

Salem, Ore.– Oregon unemployment increased slightly in May, up to 6-point-nine percent from April’s adjusted 6-point-8 percent. At a press conference this morning, officials with the Oregon employment department said more people have gone from working part-time to working full-time. The number of workers being underutilized has dropped more than 3-percent over the past year....
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Oregon National Guard

Klamath Falls-Based Troops Begin Trek to Afghanistan

Bend, Ore.– It’s getting down to the wire– 78 National Guard Soldiers based out of Klamath Falls are part of a Company of 190 troops heading to Fort Bliss, Texas for some more training before they head overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. A farewell ceremony was held yesterday in Bend.
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Klamath County School District Hiring

Klamath Falls, Ore.–The Klamath County School District is ready to do some hiring. The district is expected to approve a budget this week that includes plans to add 16 new positions for next year, including part-time nurses, a curriculum director, math teachers, and food service workers. Go to for more information. For information...
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Modoc County Discusses Fire Season

Modoc County, Calif.– The Modoc Fire Safe Council meets this morning starting at 9:00 to discuss wildfire preparation. California is suffering a critical drought as well, and several wildfires have already damaged parts of the state. Community leaders say it’s likely Modoc County will see a wildfire this season and they want folks to...
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Elections: Marijuana Measure Expected on Ballot

Klamath Falls, Ore.– You can expect to see a measure to legalize marijuana on the November ballot. Supporters of the initiative say they’re already submitted 83-thousand validated signatures to the secretary of state’s office. They only need about 45-hundred more. Chief Petitioner Anthony Johnson told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the measure regulate marijuana in...
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Wanted: Nuisance Weeds

Klamath Falls, Ore.– It’s not gonna make you rich, but up in Irrigon, the city is paying a bounty for trashbags full of puncture weed– you know those annoying prickly weeds you might call goathead? The plants are toxic to sheep and the thorns are a nuisance. The city is offering one dollar per...
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Two Bulls Fire Near Containment

Bend, Ore.– In a final report on the Two Bulls Fire this weekend, Oregon Department of Forestry Officials say the fire is 90-percent contained as of Saturday afternoon. About 100 fire fighters are still on the scene, searching for hot spots. Estimated cost for fighting the 69-hundred acre blaze is around 5-point-7 million dollars....
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Hanson KCSO

Klamath Falls, Ore.– A recently-released state prisoner is in custody after a burglary victim tracked down the man he believed had stolen several guns from his home. According to the Herald and News, 23-year old Bradley Allen Hanson pointed a gun at the victim when he was confronted, then fled when the victim wouldn’t...
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Crash on highway 140, closes highway Saturday night

Oregon State Police: Serious Injury Crash Hwy 140 MP 26 east of Klamath Falls. Hwy closed. No more info. Traffic updates
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