Pot use increasing among American adults

Thirteen percent of Americans currently smoke marijuana, according to a recent Gallup Poll. That’s nearly double the amount from three years ago, when a similar study in 2013 found that 7-percent of adults smoked pot. Three years ago… marijuana was only legal in Colorado and Washington. Since then, Oregon and Alaska have been added...
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Public hearings scheduled for proposed power generating station

Klamath Falls, Ore.– The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission holds a public hearing tonight… and another tomorrow morning, to get public comment on the proposed Swan Lake Pumped Storage project. If approved, the facility would be built on the Jespersen-Edgewood Ranch, about 12 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, and is expected to generate up to...
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Man wanted in Klamath County arrested for shooting officer, taking hostage

Portland, Ore.– A man wanted on a warrant for drug crimes in Klamath County is suspected of shooting a police officer and taking a hostage in Gladstone. An officer pulled over a bicycle drive by 45-year old Jeffrey Giddings late yesterday. As the officer approached… Giddings allegedly pulled out a gun and fired, hitting...
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Sage School seeks supplies for students

Chiloquin, Ore.– Sage Community School is getting ready for the new school year, and is asking the community for help with the school supplies students need to succeed. Each grade level has a certain set of supplies needed, though each grade level is in need of basics like pencils, paper, notebooks, glue, and colored...
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Initiative proposes use of Lottery funds to pay for outdoor school

Salem, Ore.– You’ll get the chance to decide in November whether Oregon Lottery dollars should be used to pay for outdoor school programs in the state. Petitions for Initiative 67 received more than 93-thousand valid signatures, far more than needed to qualify for the ballot. If approved, the measure would allow up 22-million dollars in...
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Flags lowered in honor of former Oregon Senator

Salem, Ore.– Former Oregon Senator Alan Bates is being remembered by his constituents and colleagues as a selfless public servant, and a man of integrity. The retired Oregon lawmaker from Ashland suffered a heart attack and passed away on Friday while on a fishing trip with his son. The Vietnam Veteran was a doctor, serving...
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Lightning-caused fires keep firefighters busy

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Lightening is being blamed for several new forest fires reported in Klamath, Lake, and Modoc Counties over the weekend. The South Central Oregon FIre Management Partnership confirms that they’ve identified as many as 27 small fires caused by lightening strikes, 165 in Siskiyou County. Most of the fires were caught before they...
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Medford Council upholds Mayor’s veto to stop Patridge hiring

Medford, Ore.– Klamath County District Attorney Rob Patridge will not be taking the city manager job in Medford. Medford’s mayor vetoed an earlier 5-to-3 decision by the council to offer Patridge the city manager post. It would have taken one council member to change their no vote to a yes to override the veto… but that...
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Police search for car in connection with vandalism

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Klamath Falls Police are looking for a newer model grey Chrysler that is suspected of running over the mailbox outside of the Klamath County Fire District 4 station shortly before 8:00 Sunday morning. Witnesses say the car was speeding, and hit the mailbox… along with a railroad tie cemented into the...
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Seth Cunningham 12-29-2015

Cunningham faces second murder charge

Klamath Falls, Ore.– A Grand Jury today indicted Seth James Cunningham on murder charges in the November 2014 death of a Klamath Falls man. The body of 40-year old Tyler Devore Nelson was found along the OC&E Trail after police were called out for a report of shots being fired in the area. District...
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