Klamath agency to set up sobering station

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Klamath Basin Behavioral Health applied for and was awarded a 250-thousand dollar grant to build a sobering station as part of the Klamath County Community Mental Health Program. Sky Lakes Medical Center has also contributed 200-thousand dollars toward the project, along with 40-thousand earmarked from Klamath County. Construction on the sobering...
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County approves growth boundary to make way for Dollar General

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Klamath County Commissioners this week gave a thumbs up to a plan to expand Chiloquin’s Urban Growth Boundary to make way for a new Dollar General store. The city of Chiloquin has already approved the discount retailer’s bid to build, but still needs to approve the request to extend utilities the...
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Photo: OIT Website

OIT’s Maples moving on

Klamath Falls, Ore.– The Oregon Institute of Technology continues its search for a new President as Chris Maples wraps up his time at the college today. Maples has held the position for 8 years, and announced earlier this year that today would be his last day. Jay Kenton… who has worked at Oregon Tech...
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Sugarman’s Park opens

Klamath Falls, Ore.– The City of Klamath Falls on Thursday held a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the new corner park in the downtown area. The park is built on the site of the old K. Sugarman’s clothing store at the corner of 6th and Mainstreet.
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Lakeview, Lake County approve UGB to prepare for Red Rock Biofuels

Lakeview, Ore.– Lakeview and Lake County officials have approved a proposal to expand its Urban Growth Boundaries to include 61 acres of land for a proposed biofuels plant. Red Rock Biofuels plans to build a 200-million dollar facility to convert agricultural waste and forest fuels into jet fuel. Once up and running, the facility...
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Alturas reduces fee paid to Modoc County for dispatch services

Alturas, Calif.– The City of Alturas agreed recently to reduce the amount that it pays to the Modoc County Sheriff’s Office to dispatch their emergency calls… because they needed to make some budget cuts. The city was paying 375 dollars a month… and will now pay just 200 dollars a month.
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PenAir publishes commercial flight schedule with October 5 start

Klamath Falls, Ore.– October fifth… that’s the official date PenAir plans to start providing commercial airline service to the Klamath Falls airport. The Alaska-based airline has scheduled two flights in and two flights out on week days… one flight in and one flight out on each weekend day.
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Fire officials urge safety with fireworks

Klamath Falls, Ore.– As fireworks go on sale in Southern Oregon and Northern California… fire agencies are bracing for the worst. Fire officials ask you to keep a water source nearby if you decide to set of fireworks… to use only legal fireworks… and stay clear of flammables… including fields and houses.
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California asks for waiver to offer health care to illegal immigrants

Sacramento, Calif.– A handful of state representatives in California are asking federal authorities to reject the state’s request to start allowing illegal immigrants coverage under the state’s health insurance exchange. Governor Jerry Brown had signed a bill into law earlier this month allowing the state to apply for a waiver that would permit illegal...
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jeff merkley

Merkley wants Planned Parenthood to get Zika money

Washington, DC.– Senator Jeff Merkley isn’t happy that a disagreement over whether to hand over millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood as part of the fight against Zika… has led to a the billion-dollar bill getting smacked down. The bill did include funding for contraception for those most affected by the virus, which has...
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