jeff merkley

Merkley wants Planned Parenthood to get Zika money

Washington, DC.– Senator Jeff Merkley isn’t happy that a disagreement over whether to hand over millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood as part of the fight against Zika… has led to a the billion-dollar bill getting smacked down. The bill did include funding for contraception for those most affected by the virus, which has...
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budget crunch money

New minimum wage laws begin July 1

Salem, Ore.– Oregon’s minimum wage hike goes into effect on Friday. Minimum wage in our area jumps from 9-25 to 9-75 an hour in Klamath and Lake Counties. Small business owners in the state say the increase in minimum wage will likely mean higher prices for customers, or jobs will be cut.
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National gas price down, Oregon gas price rises

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Gas prices in Oregon are bucking a national trend. While the national average for gas prices is dropping… Oregon prices have risen slightly over the past week, to $2.52 for a gallon of regular. We still paying about 62 cents less per gallon compared to a year ago. In Klamath Falls...
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Attorney allowed off case after assault

Klamath Falls, Ore.– A Klamath County judge has approved a request from the attorney representing a man charged with attempted murder… to take him off the case… after the suspect allegedly punched his lawyer at the jail last week. 51-year old Elric Shelby is accused of shooting and injuring a man last June during...
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Photo: Samanth Tipler, Klamath County School District

Grant to help Peterson Elementary make building safer

Klamath Falls, Ore.– Business Oregon’s Infrastructure Finance Authority has awarded the Klamath County School District a nearly $1.5 Million grant to improve the structure of the school’s cafeteria, making it safer in case of an earthquake. According to a press release from the school district, the organization awarded the grant in April, and the...
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Accident CHP

Accident that injures Klamath Falls medical personnel “most difficult multi-patient extraction”

Yreka, Calif.– Doctors and nurses on a rafting trip in Siskiyou County are recovering after the bus they were on rolled yesterday afternoon near Copco Lake. The medical staff members are all employees at Cascades East Family Clinic in Klamath Falls. Some employee family members were also on the bus. Two people were taken...
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Klamath Falls medical personnel injured in bus crash

Yreka, Calif.– A bus that was reportedly carrying doctors and nurses from Klamath Falls was involved in a rollover accident in Siskiyou County yesterday afternoon. The California Highway Patrol says the bus landed on its top after going off the road. Yreka News is reporting that two patients were critically injured, three were seriously injured....
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Grants Pass has highest rate of car thefts in Oregon

Klamath Falls, Ore.– You’re more likely to have your car stolen in Grants Pass than in any other place in Oregon. The National Insurance Crime Bureau released a recent report ranking US cities by their rate of vehicle thefts, and Grants Pass has the 27th highest rate of car thefts in the nation. Portland has...
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Wild Horse Running

Lawmakers consider sterilizing wild horses, burros

Washington, DC.– The US Bureau of Land Management is getting ready to begin capturing and sterilizing wild horses in the western United States. The government already has about 47-thousand horses corralled at taxpayer expense. There are an estimated 67-thousand wild horses and burros foraging on federal land in ten states— about 2.5 times more...
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Upper Klamath Lake

Health advisory issues for Upper Klamath Lake

Salem, Ore.– A health advisory was issued today for Howard Bay (also known locally as Howards Bay or Howard’s Bay), located in the southwest corner of Upper Klamath Lake, northwest of Klamath Falls in Klamath County. Water monitoring has confirmed the presence of toxic blue-green algae in the bay. Toxin concentrations can be harmful...
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