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The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Board supports the Klamath Promise

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to support the community education initiative, The Klamath Promise. The chamber credits education as the key to our community’s success, as well as creating new jobs, and developing businesses. Klamath County ranks near the bottom of State statistics in...
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Randy Wise

La Pine couple facing charges for suspected Christmas gift thefts

LA PINE, Ore. — A La Pine couple is facing mail theft and other charges in connection with stealing Christmas gifts and other items from area mailboxes. 51-year-old Randy D. Wise and 34-year-old Angela K. Wise face several charges including mail theft, endangering the welfare of a minor, and possession of a controlled substance....
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New law allows women to take home placenta after they give birth

SALEM, Ore — A new Oregon law that takes effect on Wednesday says Oregon mothers are entitled to take their placenta home from the hospital after giving birth. In some cultures, burying, memorializing or even cooking and eating the placenta is considered helpful to the baby, the mother or both. Some Oregon hospitals and...
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The Siskiyou County Animal Cruelty Task Force holds its first meeting today

YREKA, Ca. — The Siskiyou County Animal Cruelty Task Force is holding its first meeting today. The meeting will be held at noon at the Yreka Campus of the College of the Siskiyou’s’ in the Administration of Justice Classroom. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s, and Department of Agriculture decided to coordinate and...
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Campaign to privatize the liquor business in Oregon begins

SALEM, Ore. — The campaign to privatize the liquor business in Oregon has begun. Oregonians for Competition, a political action committee tied to the Northwest Grocery Association, has already spent $30,000 on consultants in an endeavor that would allow most stores that already sell beer and wine to sell hard liquor. Grocers and Costco...
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Cigarette tax goes up January 1st

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Revenue wants to remind smokers that the tax on cigarettes will go up on the first. The state tax on a standard, 20-count pack of cigarettes wil increase by 13 cents, from $1.18 to $1.31. Oregon’s total tobacco tax revenue, from cigarettes and other tobacco products, is...
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Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon is ending its “Long Live Oregonians” advertising campaign

SALEM, Ore. — Cover Oregon says it’s ended its optimistic, feel-good advertising campaign after spending more than $8 million on it this year. Television, radio and newspaper ads with the confusing lyrics and acoustic melodies won’t be running anymore, and the “Long Live Oregonians” billboards will come down as the rental on the billboards...
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Klamath County Jail

Malin man arrested for rape and abuse

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A Malin man was arrested earlier this week on several charges for things he’s accused of doing with a minor that is related to him. 20 year old Victor Antonio Gonzalez was charged with rape, sexual abuse and giving liquor to a minor, and was held at the Klamath County...
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New water rates set up for city

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — There’s a new universal water rate that’s been set up for city residents, as well as people living in the urban growth boundary. The way the plan is set city taxpayers will get a discount every year through 2016. People that live in the urban growth boundary area will likely...
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Warner Mountain Ski Area gets a new Snowcat

LAKEVIEW, Ore. — Warner Mountain Ski Area has just picked up newer snowcat for the operations there. They sold off one of the older ones they had for around $3200, and that money plus $10,000 from the Collins-McDonald Trust. The new model is from a cross-country ski area in Bear Valley, California, and has...
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