KF Working to Find Owners of Old Railroad Rights-of-Way

Rights-of-way map 011918


Along Lake Ewauna and near the Spring Street industrial area, there are
a number of old railroad rights-of-way. In an effort to help develop these properties, the City is working with a title company to determine who owns these rights-of-way and have any been abandoned or could any be considered abandoned. Although the City has a great history of railroad use, the railroad spurs have not been used in quite some time. It can cause issues for the surrounding properties.

In this area alone, the railroad rights-of-way are owned by Great Northern
Railroad (now known as Burlington Northern Santa Fe or BNSF); Southern Pacific Railroad (now known as Union Pacific); and jointly by Great Northern Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad (BNSF and Union Pacific). See the attached map for visual depiction of the complexity of a portion of the project.