Air Quality Remains Red; Stagnation Advisory Through Saturday

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The air quality advisory remains red though at least Wednesday afternoon as the stagnant weather is bringing poor ventilation conditions to the Klamath basin. An Air Stagnation Advisory is in effect until 10am Saturday. For now only pellet stoves and exemptions may be used within the air quality zone and all outdoor or open burning is prohibited countywide.  

“RED” Air Quality Advisory for today Tuesday  December 5th, 2017 through NOON tomorrow Wednesday  December 6th, 2017 IS RED

The RED Advisory Call means the following: 

1.   ONLY PELLET STOVES and EXEMPTIONS May be used within the Air Quality Zone:  as per Klamath County Ordinance #406.150 (1)(A)

2.   Outside the Air Quality Zone: All woodstove, pellet stoves and fireplaces may be used.

3.   Outdoor or Open Burning is prohibited Countywide as per Klamath County Ordinance #406.100 (4)(A)

Outside the Air Quality Zone:

  • Burn only very dry wood and burn small hot fires. Do not allow your woodstove to smolder at night. Please monitor your woodstove emissions to assure that smoke does not build up in the community. Consider using biobricks to limit emissions if your wood is not very dry.
  • We ask that residents outside the Air Quality Zone use an alternate source of heat especially during the overnight hours.
  • Pellet stoves may be used.

County wide: Outdoor or open burning is prohibited.

Enforcement patrols will be operating during this period; information and fines may be issued. Klamath County is in nonattainment status with the Environmental Protection Agency for Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) standards. Air quality must be kept within standards. Please help by following the advisory each day.

For a map of the Air Quality Zone and other information, consult our website at  then click on Environmental Health. The Advisory is now on the internet at


If you have Air Quality questions or have a question about an exemption to use your woodstove on Red or Yellow Advisory Days CALL US @ 541-883-5118.