New Peterson Elementary Classrooms Making Progress



This week families, students and staff at Peterson Elementary have seen construction work
happening in the early morning at the school. Workers are pouring concrete to make up the floors of six new classrooms and two new restrooms at the school with 591 students.
Workers are pouring concrete in three phases this week, working
at night and in the early morning hours to avoid traffic when
school starts. Concrete started pouring on Tuesday, poured on
Wednesday and will finish on Thursday.

The concrete will set for about a week, then workers will begin
framing the new classrooms, said KCSD Facilities Manager Justin
Azevedo. This project builds permanent structures housing six new classrooms and two new restrooms at Peterson to replace aging modular buildings which date back to 1990. The new classrooms are expected to be finished in time to start the 2018-19 school year next fall. This is the first of three such projects for the Klamath County School District.

Last December, the Klamath County School Board
approved a $4.1 million debt issuance to pay for new classrooms and restrooms at Peterson, Henley Middle School and Stearns Elementary School.

Peterson is the first on the list, as it is the elementary school with the largest population of students in a growing area of the Klamath Falls South Suburbs.
Henley Middle and Stearns projects will happen in subsequent years. At Henley Middle School four new classrooms and two new restrooms will replace five existing modular classrooms. And at Stearns Elementary four new classrooms and two new restrooms will replace four modular classrooms.