No Fatalities in Early Morning Crash on South Side Bypass



Klamath Falls, Ore. – A two vehicle accident on the South Side Bypass Tuesday morning amazingly had the individuals walk away with no injuries. At approximately 6:50 am, a black Toyota Tacoma driven by 18 year old Charif Wong of Happy Camp, Oregon collided with a vehicle driven by 31 year old Kingsley Airman, Nathan Liptak, at milepost 2 just East of the Tingley Lane intersection. 

Oregon State Senior Trooper Mark McDougall, the Case Officer of the accident indicated that Wong fell asleep at the wheel of her vehicle, drifted across the road, she was awakened by the insistent honking from Liptak trying to awaken her. When she did awaken, she tried to swerve back into her lane and collided head on with Liptak’s vehicle.

Trooper McDougall said, “This is the worst vehicle accident that I have ever seen, when no fatalities occurred”. He also indicated the Liptak’s vehicle was basically severed in half and had one location in the vehicle that a person could survive in, and that was the driver’s seat.

Because of the severity of the crash, Wong, Liptak and 19 year Pavel Gorshenkov of Damascus, Oregon, a passenger in Wong’s vehicle, were all transported to Sky Lakes Medical Center for evaluation and released.

Wong was cited for a careless driving crash.