Bonanza Starts School With New Floors; Gym Work Continues



Students returning to class at Bonanza School this week have noticed the new floors and new paint in parts of their school, and they’re getting inspired.

“I think sprucing up the school is going to help
the kids’ attitude,” said Bonanza Jr./Sr. High
School Principal Art Ochoa. The students are
talking about painting new murals, fixing up
benches and decorating lockers.

About a third of the high school wing and parts of
the elementary wing of the K-12 school building
are new this fall.

In June a severe rainstorm caused flooding in
those parts of the school, damaging the floors and
lower portions of the walls.

Over the summer Modoc Contracting and Premier
Floors fixed and replaced the flooring and walls in
hallways and classrooms, painted the walls and
finished in time for the first day of school on

“Kids have noticed the floors, they’ve noticed the
classrooms,” Ochoa said.

While the hallways and classrooms were ready for students, workers with Soriano Sports Floors are still completing the new gym floor. During the first week of school workers were painting the lines and mascot in red, black and white. Ochoa is aiming to open the gym on Sept. 20.

Until then, high school PE classes are happening outdoors. If the air quality is unhealthy students go to the library for lectures. The elementary students are using the smaller gym.
Over the summer Bonanza also removed trees in the playground. It was determined they posed a hazard of coming down in a wind, rain or snowstorm. Ochoa said student leadership had the idea to have each class (K-12) plant a tree to replace them.
“Depending on what grade you’re in, you can come back and say, ‘I planted that tree,’” he said.

Bonanza also saw an increase in students with the start of the school year. Bonanza received about 20 new students in grades seven through 12, Ochoa said, totaling about 220 students in the jr./sr. high school.
“It’s almost an additional class,” Ochoa said. “I think it’s going well. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from staff and kids both.”