Nylox Fire 30% Contained; Some Crews Moving to Jade Creek Fire

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The Naylox Fire was mapped late yesterday at 423 acres, with 30% containment. All containment lines have been completed and are holding. This fire started near hay barns next to Hagelstein Park on Algoma Road the afternoon of August 29, and the cause is still under investigation. The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is managing the fire with a team led by Incident Commander John Pellissier. “We might be the only fire in the state right now that started and is going to be put out in a few days, so let’s stay sharp and get it done. From here most of you will go right to another fire,” said Pellissier at the crew briefing this morning.

Crews today will begin mopping in 50 feet from the established containment lines, which will secure them. Some resources will be demobilized from the Naylox Fire and likely will be sent to the Jade Creek Fire, which is burning on Forest Service and private lands 13 miles northeast of Bly.

Weather is a concern for all of southern Oregon heading into the Labor Day Weekend; excessive heat warnings and Red Flag warnings are in place Friday and Saturday. While the management team feels good progress has been made on the Naylox Fire, there is still work to be done, and the hot dry weekend may increase fire activity here and on the many other fires burning across the region.

Evacuation levels along Algoma Road at the base of Naylox Mountain are still at Level 1, Be Ready. Algoma Road remains closed for emergency personnel and local resident use only between Old Fort Road and Highway 97 North. The FS9718 Road is also still closed to allow firefighters safe access to their operations. Additionally, a temporary flight restriction is in place within a 3-mile radius of the fire for firefighter safety. A digital version of the fire perimeter map can be viewed here: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/publicmaps/keno/map.html

The management team would like to remind the public, as the long holiday weekend approaches, to exhibit caution with activities that could contribute to a wildfire. Do not leave campfires unattended, don’t leave them until the ashes are doused and cold, don’t allow trailer chains to drag and create sparks, don’t burn pressurized containers, and don’t park vehicles on tall grass.

Travelers along Highway 97 North are asked to be vigilant in watching for emergency vehicle traffic and to reduce speeds as necessary. A command post and camp has been established at Hagelstein Park on Algoma Road.

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