Commissioners Order Dogs Euthanized; Owner Appealing


Klamath County Commissioners have ruled that all four dogs owned by Vincent Berry are to be euthanized after the June attack of ten year old Alyssa Stevens. The owner of the four English Mastiffs is appealing the ruling. The girl had been watching the dogs for Berry and was attacked June 2nd after she went to retrieve a brush from the yard. The dogs attacked her, ripping off her scalp, breaking some of her ribs, puncturing one of her lungs, and leaving her in a coma for two weeks. The dogs will be seized by animal control until the appeal process is completed.


  • RebKey5

    I knew that would be the answer. Dog owners What were you trying to protect – what do you have that is so valuable or rather what are you afraid of that you would need four guard dogs? Seriously!! Because of your fear a child was hurt and the dogs will be killed.