Klamath County teacher arrested for misconduct

Jeffrey Vincent


Oregon State Police in Klamath Falls have arrested a Lost River High School teacher in connection with alleged relationship he had with a former student.

Troopers say they learned about the relationship on May 23, 2017. Jeffrey Vincent, 35, had allegedly started a romantic relationship with a girl while she was a student at the school. Police say the girl was 18 years old when the consensual sexual relationship began.

 According to a press release, investigators developed enough information as they looked into the relationship that a warrant was issued for Vincent’s arrest. 

“While the relationship reportedly occurred when the student was 18 years of age,” said District Attorney Eve Costello in a press release, “the relationship nevertheless involved a violation of public trust and abuse of authority.   The justice system has thus registered the appropriate criminal charges.”

On July 6, 2017, Vincent was taken into custody by Oregon State Police and lodged at the Klamath County Jail on two counts of Official Misconduct in the First Degree, two counts of Coercion, and one count of Tampering with a Witness. 

 Klamath County School District placed Vincent on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The District Attorney’s office says Vincent will be arraigned on the charges on July 7th, 2017.

  • Summer Swager

    Why did he get arrested? For what? She’s 18! I don’t get it

  • Chris Serres

    These charges won’t stick, HAHA.Maybe the 18 year old coerced him? How do you tamper with a witness? You can tamper with evidence… And why two counts of misconduct with one person? LMAO. This system is so fucked. Two adults in love cannot make decisions on their own because of control freaks with no lives making rules for someone else.