What Happened To “The Rock” 99.5 FM?

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  • BigJim Slade

    And why did you get rid of “The Free Beer and Hot Wings” show? That is a funny show to listen to at work and driving. I hope there’s a good reason, and not “to promote our local show” which I have yet to hear since it’s just been music.

  • JR

    I really hate hearing this :( I was very disappointed when I turned on to the local radio station today. I have Sirius XM but always enjoyed flipping over to 99.5 the rock…Always rocked, always will?? I like and appreciate a variety of course, but this bites! No Free Beer and Hot Wings? I hope to find that somewhere on Sirius.

  • Christine Baker Reynolds

    94.9 The Rock (New) Klamath Falls Or