Henley High School Names New Wrestling Coach


Klamath Falls, Ore. – Henley High School is changing the lineup of its wrestling team’s coaching staff. For the 2017- 18 season, Paul Rademacher is stepping down as head coach and allowing Matt McCadden to step in. Rademacher will still serve as assistant coach, working in a partnership with McCadden. “It’s all about fit and timing,” said Henley Principal Jack Lee. “We’re excited to have them both working together here.” The partnership between McCadden and Rademacher recreates a team that worked together at Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School from 2004 to 2006. They took the wrestling team from not placing in state, to third in state. “We’re excited to be back together,” McCadden said. “Really excited,” Rademacher agreed. “We’ve had success with what we’re trying to implement. With the model that we’ve had, we’ve had success.” Matt McCadden Rademacher has been head wrestling coach at Henley since 2015. He is also Henley’s health occupations teacher, working toward his master’s degree and teaching license. Allowing McCadden to step in as head coach allows Rademacher to focus on getting his teaching credentials while still playing a key role in the coaching staff. “It allows me to focus on what I do best, which is working with the kids,” Rademacher said. “His heart’s on the mat, with the kids,” McCadden agreed, noting McCadden is better with the big picture and oversight, including the paperwork. “I think the program will blossom with Paul in that role,” Henley Athletic Director Tom Loney said.