Are You Listening Trader Joe’s?

9th and Main

  • EarlyKlamathMan

    ‘Great place for a Trader Joe’s. It would also bring new shoppers from out of town to the Downtown area. The actual location is at 9th and Pine St.

  • RebKey5

    I would rather have Whole Foods!! Trader Joe’s I have been in there dozen of times and I’m not sure what the attraction is? Maybe it is for people that don’t actually cook, maybe the wine or the Hawaiian shirts. I don’t spend money in the place.

  • sg

    Would be happy for anything at this point!

  • Meredith Hoffman

    Perhaps the 6th and Washburn empty store would be great for Whole Foods since the delivery space would be sufficient. We always go to whole foods when visiting our kids in Napa CA. The downtown location would be good for a trader Joe’s. Let’s petition for both. A market of choice was talked about a few years ago. Believe in possibilities!

  • Meredith Hoffman

    Deli space at Whole Foods