Commission seeks medical personnel


Salem, Ore.– Qualified candidates are being sought to serve as medical personnel (as needed) with the Oregon State Athletic Commission. This is a great opportunity to see Oregon, support small business, and help protect the health and safety of all parties involved in professional boxing and mixed martial arts. Interested candidates from across the state are encouraged to apply. 

The Oregon State Athletic Commission (OSAC) is charged with regulating Professional Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Entertainment Wrestling in the state of Oregon. OSAC is comprised of an Event Administrator, Governmental Auditor, Compliance Specialist, and an Office Specialist who are responsible for the program’s day to day operation. OSAC also has a five member volunteer board that makes recommendations to the Superintendent of State Police, as well as a Medical Advisory Committee that recommends Medical Personnel prior to being chosen as an OSAC team member. 

Medical Personnel receive payment for their services at OSAC sanctioned events. Lodging and travel expenses are also included. Interested persons should contact Sergeant Bob Charpentier, of the Oregon State Athletic Commission, at (503)378-8739, or email at

Medical Personnel have the opportunity to qualify competitors before competing in a professional boxing or mixed martial arts bout, complete a post bout exam, and occasionally provide post bout care. Medical Personnel sit ringside and cage side during events and have an up close view of bouts between competitors to ensure both competitors are safe and not exposed to any unnecessary risks. 

Medical Personnel must meet the following minimum qualifications, must be approved by the Medical Advisory Committee and consent to and pass a background investigation: 

(1) Must be a medical doctor, osteopath or physician’s assistant licensed in the State of 

(2) Must be familiar with the physical standards for licensing boxers and mixed martial 
arts contestants as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule 230 and Oregon Revised 
Statute Chapter 463 or be willing to learn; 

(3) Must be willing to provide pre and post-fight medical exams prior to and during 
events; and 

(4) Must be willing to travel to events on weekends when able. 

More information is available on the Commission website at: