Kids 12 and Over Need Fishing License in Oregon

Youngsters ages 12 to 17 need a youth fishing license to catch trout in Oregon this year. Above, Zane Nilssen is all smiles after catching his first fish ever at an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife family fishing event at Canby Pond. (Photo by Rick Swart/ODFW)


Salem, Ore.– As families venture to the outdoors this spring, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife remind parents that youths between the ages of 12 and 17 need a license if they plan to hunt, fish or shellfish.

Although fishing now requires a license two years earlier than in the past – at age 12 instead of age 14 – the cost of the license is significantly less than it was in years past. Now a combination youth hunting/fishing/shellfishing license costs just $10. For just $5 more, youngsters can also purchase a tag that will allow them to catch salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and halibut. The $15 combined cost of a youth license and tag in 2016 compares to a cost of $41.75 last year, a cost reduction of 64 percent.

The youth license was developed to simplify the youth license requirements for hunting and fishing. “There was way too much complexity involved for parents to get hunting and fishing licenses for their kids,” said Rick Hargrave, administrator of ODFW’s Information and Education Division. “We removed those barriers and came up with a single, significantly discounted,youth combination license for kids 12-17.

Under the new fee structure, a single license permits youthlicense holders to take part in all three activities – hunting, fishing and shellfishing. Previously, a separate license was required for each of these activities.

“We believe this an amazing value and a meaningful investment in getting kids and families out and connected with nature,” said Hargrave.

There is no distinction in the fee structure between resident and nonresident youths – they pay the same for hunting/fishing licenses and tags.

  • Todd

    “We believe this an amazing value and a meaningful investment in getting
    kids and families out and connected with nature,” said Hargrave.

    …or a way to tax twelve-year-olds.

  • Americorp Employee

    What a bunch of crap. You think you’re free? You need a license to drive, a permit to build on your own property, a reg fee to have a car, a license to fish, a license to hunt. Then if you don’t comply, you have fish and wildlife spying on you, looking for an opportunity to bust you for something. It’s a joke and the sheep just keep grabbing their ankles and taking it. When will people figure it out? The constitution says that we are OBLIGATED to defend it. It’s time people, kill your propaganda machine that is the TV and think for yourselves. You DO NOT have to stand for this. In fact, you are obligated to oppose such overreach. The BLM controls a large majority of Oregon when the constitution says they can’t control anything other than forts and ports, military installations and ten square miles – D.C. It’s time to wake up.

  • Rio97621 .

    Oh. And the headline is incorrect. It should be 12 and OVER.