Should the City Provide Police Services to the County?

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Klamath Falls, Ore.– The city of Klamath Falls has posted a new polling question on its City Hall website to find out what residents think about providing police service to parts of Klamath County that are within the urban growth boundary. City police will often respond to areas outside of city limits because there aren’t enough County Deputies to meet the needs of growing urban areas. But county residents don’t pay the higher city tax rate that pays for emergency services. City leaders have suggested stopping the practice, unless residents in those urban grown boundaries pay for it. 

Click HERE to take the survey. 

  • Phyllisofical

    It’s hard not to answer the call to back up another law enforcement officer. However, the fact of the matter is that Klamath County residents are not paying their fair share for police services. The Sheriff’s Office is woefully understaffed for the population and widespread area in Klamath County. County property taxes are much lower than in the City. Taxes need to come into equity. County residents have been getting the benefits of City police services without paying for them for many years. It’s time for County residents to shoulder their basic responsibility for law enforcement services, especially in these challenging times of drug trafficking, homicides, and active shooters in schools and malls in addition to more pedestrian crimes.