Woman Cited in Dog Dumping Case


Photo: Liz Burton, Badger Run Wildlife Rehab

The Klamath County District Attorney’s Office is investigating after Animal Control cited a woman for abandoning a dog out in remote area of Keno last week. Rob Patridge said 43-year old Kellee Adams has been cited for attempted animal abuse, animal neglect, and animal abandonment after her daughter reportedly posted on facebook that she allegedly dumped a 2-year old Jack Russell, after the dog bit the teenaged daughter. 

The facebook posting prompted an immediate community reaction, with Keno residents taking it upon themselves to organize a search party for the dog– which they found within a few hours and turned over to Klamath County Animal Control. Patridge said the dog was in good condition when residents located it, and will be quarantined for ten days. After that, he said, the dog would potentially be available for adoption.

Adams is scheduled to appear in court on August 7th, where she’ll be formally charged. If convicted, she could face up to one year in jail on each charge, for a maximum of three years. Patridge said he hadn’t yet reviewed Adams’ record to see whether she has any prior conviction, but said his office is still reviewing the case, and additional charges could be filed. 

  • Cat

    I hope it’s the max of three years. It seems people look at animals as something to get and get rid of at whim. People need to be held accountable for lives they take into their hands. Even if that life is covered in fur.

  • Concerned

    I just hope she never can own pets again at the very least! Scum!!!!

  • TandyDandy

    So glad they are doing something.. Also goes to show you that you should be well aware of what your teenagers are posting on social media sites. I bet her mother is pretty pissed at her daughter lol.. :)

  • TandyDandy

    the mother*

  • Robert

    its really funny when you think about it. The dog most likely bit the daughter because she deserved it. I bet that dog is awesome.

  • Mddelonge

    Seriously? The dog is a biter and may be placed for adoption? That is just plain wrong. The woman shouldn’t have dumped him, she should have taken him to the vet to be put down.

  • Shane

    The whole family deserves a charge the girl was a friend of mine on Facebook and once I saw that post I deposited it so it would go away to anyone wandering what she had said well here it is.

  • Betty White

    Put down? For biting the girl once? Maybe she frightened the dog, maybe he was hurting. You don’t know. He doesn’t deserve to be put down for that and by the way- the girl wasn’t injured. Plus, the post says the dog MAY be up for adoption after the 10 day quarantine. Jesus.

  • Mddelonge

    My post repeats “may” be put up for adoption. Jesus has nothing to do with it. ANY dog that bites goes to heaven. The reason doesn’t matter. No, I don’t know if it was hurting or not. Doesn’t matter. Biters go live with Jesus, not with the next unsuspecting family. A dog that crosses that line once will cross it again more easily.

  • Kate

    I sincerely hope you don’t own any fur babies. It would be horrifying. Hope your children don’t bite anyone either I suppose the same should happen to them (sigh)

  • hellbilly

    The dog possibly bit her on accident. She says she was trying to give him a blanket. This girl is obviously a horrible person so she is probably not above lying. She could have been playing with the dog. I have been accidentally bit by dogs while playing with them. That doesn’t make them bad dogs. Or maybe the dog was trapped in that cage for who knows how long. Possibly without food and water. A dogs basic instinct is to survive and maybe he saw her as the monster trying to kill him so he took his only opportunity to hopefully escape. But I’m leaning toward the accidental bite.

  • JC85

    Mddelonge your argument has no logic…. first off the dog was accused of biting but no information stating that the dog broke skin and even by accident or playing the dog is not proven to be a bad dog and with the proper care the dog can be helped.
    my saint bernard of 12yrs bit me once while playing and broke skin when he was 2yrs old.
    he never did it again and that dog then 2yrs later saved a little boy from drowning at a local swimming hole.
    But of course you obviously know absolutely nothing about dogs, try being a little more educated before you add your nonsense

  • Mddelonge

    Of course you made it personal. No, I don’t have any “fur babies”. I own several animals. All have excellent care and are very well loved. I would never expect any human attributes or abilities from any of them. Furthermore, I would never place any of my children in danger from an unpredictable animal. That is common sense. Oh, wait. You may not know what that means.

  • Mddelonge

    If this dog bit a child-I think we can assume that it was not in “play” or “an accident”, since it led to getting rid of the animal-I stand by my statements. I do not, nor will I ever share your opinion that it should be allowed any further chance to injure a person.
    I also find it interesting that since my opinion differs from yours that you resort to personal insults.

  • Concerned

    I think we should put her down. It’s more likely she would bite before the dog would. If you look on her Facebook you can see pictures of her bragging keeping the dog tied up for eating her plants. Poor dog probably was kept in the kennel and when he wasn’t in the kennel out tied up.