Now Hiring: Klamath Emergency Communications District

(Press Release)


Klamath Falls, Ore.– In May the voters passed Measure 18-96 an operating levy for emergency dispatch services. The District would like to express its gratitude to the citizens of Klamath County for passing this measure and for the support of countless partner public safety agencies. These dollars will be used to enhance the service to the community and those public safety partners by increasing our staffing to appropriate levels. We will be posting positions for Call-Taker this week and will begin accepting applications.

The Call Taker position is responsible for receiving 9-1-1 and other emergency calls as well as supporting the dispatch services to Police, Fire and EMS. Our base funding only allows for two dispatchers working at any given time; meaning that each dispatcher is responsible for managing a public safety radio as well as call taking duties. This funding will enable the addition of that critical third person to the dispatch floor allowing that dispatch group to handle the busy times much more effectively.

We have established an implementation plan incorporating the extensive training required to prepare those that are selected for these positions. Thank you for your support of our strategic plan that included passing Measure 18-96. Your continued support is appreciated as we utilize the funds that you are providing to meet the goals of that plan.

For more information on a career in 9-1-1 call taking and public safety dispatching go to our website at