Keno Community Rallies to Rescue Abandoned Dog



Photo: Liz Burton, Badger Run Wildlife Rehab

Klamath Falls, Ore.– The power of Facebook, and a lot of big hearts, may have saved the life of an abandoned dog.

A young Klamath County girl posted a status on her Facebook page yesterday complaining that her Jack Russell had bitten her, so her mom was going to dump the dog out in a remote area of Keno. That prompted people who saw the post to jump into action, with one Keno woman mobilizing a search party of about ten people.

Animal control was also notified, but it was concerned citizens who found the dog off of highway 66, luring him in with the help of another dog and some home cooked chicken. Dozens of concerned citizens who followed the search on Facebook want to know if the woman who allegedly dumped the dog will be charged.

  • people are sad!

    I sure hope so and I hope aswell that her daughter get treatment not only for mental health but for the wanting to get blazed!

  • DandyTandy

    The young girl who posted about the dog on facebook has a drug problem and issues in school. She really does need counseling/mental help. I hope some action is taken against the girl and her mother, as well as any other pets they have taken away from them. Animals do not deserve the sort of abuse these people give to them.. :(

  • TiredandWornOut

    This entire family has a MAJOR meth problem. All have criminal records for meth use. The father, mother, and her older sister. When you grow up in that environment, this is what happens. They start with animals and moves on to humans. Total disregard for life. Not even their own.

  • Keno1226

    The dog deserves a better life than he was having with them. People like this do not deserve to have pets.