More Arrests in Food Stamps Fraud Case

Severo Toro-Castellon is considered one of the ring-leaders of an Oregon Trail Card fraud operation. He was arrested last week.


Klamath Falls, Ore.– More arrests have been made in connection with Operation Gold Card over the weekend. So far, 38 people have been arrested in connection with an Oregon Trail Card fraud ring centered at a meat market on Main Street in Klamath Falls. Food stamp recipients could take their Trail cards to the store, selling their benefits for fifty cents on the dollar in cash. Some would then use that money to buy items that are prohibited to purchase with food stamp credits, like alcohol– and illegal drugs. The scam may have been operating for as many as five years, and stretched into at least three Oregon counties.

  • Elenor

    what else is new? Klamath is full of corruption right down to the very system that is suppose to protect it, the police.